It’s April 8th, 2021, and the night before I end up watching the crowdcast of Dave Burn’s speaking on the nature of Purpose as he sees it and the way it resonates with the work of Carolyn Elliot and the WEALTH membership.

Such is deeply meaningful for me as it relates to the nature of the Mythica, herself.  To the essence of the shared purpose between the pantheon of avatars who populate the many realms.  In the video, I go into this, speaking from my reactions and divinations as to the presentation and what it meant to be in this crucial moment on the Quest – where we at last feel in the flush and flow of the Aka of Wealth.

Though it’s a long video (45 min), it’s flush with all sorts of deep information relating the way in which I see the underlands of the Mythica and the arrival of the pantheon of characters that arrive on the strings of story.

In this case, the arrival of Carolyn Elliot, Dave Burns and the WEALTH academy coincide with the anchored expression of the Mythica where I perceive the shared energy of the Aka of Wealth between us all, each presenting our facet of the modern interpretation of the schools of mystery and magic in the current Age.

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