"The River of Gold"

Voices of the Deva

The sands of the playa are still clinging to my skin as I make my way westward, unsure of my direction and deeply listening for guidance on the Path.  As I make my way across a causeway across a flowing river, I hear the voices of the Deva calling to me to sit, to rest, to bathe and cleanse myself in the sacred waters ….


One of the things I love most about the journey into the Mythica is the discovery of outposts from the emergent World, taking the form of festivals, elixir bars, taverns, gatherings around the sacred fire and all manner of forms to accommodate the shift in consciousness necessary to embody a new reality.

I can feel it, the radiance of light across the ethers, as I enter the space, where the locals and fellow travelers from the City of Dreams stop for rest and rejuvenation at this watering hole of the New World …

It is no surprise when I encounter the priestess Anu at the elixir bar, for such is thick with the energies of the emergence that she carries and helps facilitate for the peoples of Cascadia and beyond …

It was here that I first met the avatar Randy Pisano, who like myself had been deeply influenced by the energies of the Aina, the sacred Lands of Hawai’i and the paradigm of Heaven on Earth.


Return to the Yuba

The energies of the Yuba pulse like a heartbeat, gently moving along a glittering canvas of golden sparkles, the remnants of the Gold Rush that had led prospectors to the Valley years before, the presence of the noble element charging the energy of the water with a particular texture of healing and wholeness, imparting it’s essence to those aware enough to drink in it’s light while bathing in it’s waters …

There on the riverside, Kundra and I find ourselves stretching, dropping into our bodies …

AUTHOR’S NOTE – This might be the moment when Kundra and I first coined the phrase “Best Tantra Teachers in the Universe”


Shadows at the Peak

I am unsure where to go, so I stop and listen deeply to the Aina, to get some sense, some divination as to the next movement on the journey.  After some time, I get an inspiration to head to Future Peak, the nexus point held by Dr. and Mrs. Future in the mountain regions near Santa Cruz …

The woods are so cooling as I approach, radiant with the energy of the Green.  I feel the essence of their grounding so deeply, the wafts of wind and wood across the field changing the textures of my self, softening the harsh fire of Blackrock still leaving my system.

I drive up the curving roadway through the forest that leads to the sanctuary of the Future’s.  As I do, a memory comes to me of the six months I spent here initiating the structure of the Mythica temple while processing the massive distortions of the old paradigm through my consciousness.  Such reminds me of the time I spent with Dakota Chanel, causing a pang of longing for the sweetness and easement that had been so long denied me on the quest.

After a while, it passes, and I feel things clearing within, enabling me to see the lines of energy moving through the peak, it’s presence acting as a beacon of light for the media of the modern world.

Characters Appearing