Healing & Guidance

We all wish to Heal.  To step into the embodiment of who we truly are.  To know our Purpose and the Gift that we offer to the planet.  Through sacred reflection and the healing of the imprints that lay within our Selves, the beauty of our Truth is revealed.

As Within, So Without. Our circumstance is a divine mirror of our Self. We are each processing through our portion of the distortion, moving through the patterns of karma towards the actualization of our Life Purpose. Through my seership, I sense the qualities of vibration and how they relate to the archetypal unfoldment. I see the threads of story and how they relate to one’s purpose. It is my natural gift to draw this into divination, reflecting them back to reveal the larger unfoldment of Myth and Magick.

Below you will find my offerings and testimonials to my service, may they be of aid to you on your sacred path.

Peter Fae offers transformation into the deeper and more magickal version of your Self.

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