Discover your Sacred Story

We all have a Story.  A sacred journey through the experiences of our Life.  A majestic adventure of trial and triumph along the road of becoming the awakened version of our potential self.

Yet too often, we lose access to what it means to be on that adventure.  To walk our own landscape of legend.

I feel You.  And I can help.

There is a deeper, more meaningful way of looking at your Life.

A way of appreciating the sacredness of Your Story and it’s part in the tale of our shared Awakening.

Of dissolving the limitations in our lives on a heroic journey of mystical adventure.

Together we can come to see the myth and magic of your journey.  Of coming to see your life as an adventure into a more magical World.

As Within, so Without.  Our life circumstances mirror the energies that lay within our body, giving rise to the thoughts, beliefs and circumstances of our lives.

In this guidance session, we will focus the light of awareness into the circumstances of your Life, helping to bring easement and opening to the field, helping you to see the Gift that wishes to emerge through you.

Through awareness of these patterns and the proper relationship to them, we may dissolve the issues within our experience at the root, allowing us more freedom, more Grace, and more Abundance.

Walk the Road to a New Reality

HOW DO I KNOW? I know because I’ve done it.  Documenting my journey deeper into the magical version of my experience.

Here, my Story is my resume.  The proof of my journey into the deeper realms of our experience, building the evidence of the magical World into this website.

More than simply telling You, the Mythica was built to SHOW You.  To act as a vehicle of transformation, such that we may all live in a new Story.

For fifteen years I have documented the journey to that wholeness, clearing the consciousness of my Self and for hundreds of others so that we may all blossom into who we really are. Such is the healing, that as we bring light to our circumstance it may transform.

Together, we may clear the patterns within your consciousness that create your conditions, so that who you really are may come out.

Together, we can discover the Gift within You that wishes to be free.  As we walk together, we will clear the patterns, opening up the way for You to see yourself more clearly.

Together, we shall discover the Gift that lay within you.  You will come to learn how to see your life as a magical story, as a heroic journey towards a more heavenly earth.


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At Yoga Quest University’s most recent offering in Bali (March, 2017), we were most honored to have Peter Fae join us. I recognized Peter as an adept of the highest order (adept being a translation of the Sanskrit word “siddha” – one who is accomplished), one who has direct perception of spiritual realities not commonly visible to the mortal eye. This became clear just from being in Peter’s presence for a few moments, and I observed how similar is our understanding of the “Quest.” Throughout our brief time together, Peter not only added much to our ongoing discussions on the nature of existence and how to liberate oneself (moksha), but he also demonstrated a great embodied consistency in regard to that of which we spoke. It goes without saying this is a rare attainment. I myself learned much from him, particularly from his clear and nuanced way of articulating the subtleties of the journey (and our Bali journey, in particular), for which I am very grateful. What I also appreciate about Peter is his great sense of humor, including his ability to good-humoredly witness his own avatar-hood and also recognize places where he is still moving into the fuller embodiment that is his birthright, including fortifying the health of his own body. And of course, his Into the Mythica is a masterful work that will certainly, in time, receive the recognition it is due. I am also pleased and honored to be a part of “the Mythica” and will definitely be a strong ongoing supporter of its manifestation. Thank you, Peter, for showing up on my timeline in just the perfect time to help me see exactly what needed to be seen. And thank you, most of all, for You.
Allowah Lion
Yogi, creator of Sunshine Yoga
“I’ve never met a being with as acute of awareness as Peter. I’ll never forget the first time he did energy scanning on me. He pointed out feelings inside my body that I wasn’t aware of until I felt the light of his consciousness making them visible. Sometimes it’s hard for us to see ourselves, because we are the glass instead of the mirror. Peter has a rare gift of illuminating the parts of you that are blocking more of your true light from filling your body. He is a Self-taught Master. He uses his amazing gift to locate the somatic issues within your body, assess and counsel verbally to a crystalline degree, and coaches you through breath and the light of his and your combined awareness to shift it. He also uses touch and connection with the Deva of nature to move the energy. His massage is on a whole other octave of magic. He is an incredible facilitator of healing and has helped me move through the deepest traumas in my being to a more whole and radiant self-expression. I highly recommend his sessions. ”
Dakota Chanel
“Peter Fae showed me the way into the Mythica, the real world of Magick. He helped me to see that all the events of my life have been relative to what I called the Seed Within, my life-purpose. Through his embodiment and the radiation of his inherent value in valorous service, I came to recognize the nature of my heroic journey, and how this relates to the Collective Awakening at this time. His mere presence facilitates clearing, for he has embodied the deep Shivic understanding that burns through the dross of karma and repeating patterns. He is an Angel, a Deva, sent here to assist in the transition of this Age. His understanding of the nature of reality is vast, and has proven to my eyes to have real embodied enlightenment as to the nature of form and the various patterns that make up the incarnate plane. He is a seer of the highest order, able to see the macroscope of our shared evolution, down to the minutia of how patterns held within various aspects of our body relate to the patterns we are processing and our life-purpose, then able to zoom out again to show how this relates to how everyone’s story is connected across the skein of space time, what he calls the Akasha. This awareness allowed him to lay out the initial map work and architecture of Into the Mythica, a feat of high achievement and valor that will change the face of the planet, in its due time, and that has already changed countless lives, helping the people to Awaken to the deeper truth of our inherent Divinity and Unity. All this said, the vast awareness combined with his many years of field work helping hundreds of people makes Peter a masterful healer, and I highly recommend taking the opportunity to work with him if provided, he is definitely worth it.”
Yeshua Lucis


CLICK HERE TO BOOK A SESSION ($250) for 1 1/2 hours