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The Quest is taking me far across the Underlands, where new initiations across the realms manifest as constellations of circumstance in the conditions of my life.

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Facing the Trials

“If it was easy, it wouldn’t be a Quest” UNDER CONSTRUCTION The Quest isn’t easy. Along the way, we must face trials. Challenges which lead to triumphs …


Today has been a fabulously magical today, one which proved once again the interplay with the Divine that i’ve gained through applying the Dispenza Rising Water meditation. Where, after encountering …

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2019-6-7 – Hana Mana

Characters Appearing in this Episode Peter Fae (@peterfae), Yeshua Lucis (@yeshualucis), James Vogel (@jamesvogel), Misty Odom (@mistyo)

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The resonance at the Hana Mana farm continues to deepen as we discover that Randy and Suzie share with us the intention to create a magical Academy. As this unveils, …

2019-5-26 – Breathing into Writing

We have been stationed here at the Hana Mana farms for nearly two weeks. Flush with a living food forest and deeply resonant allies, we have set up camp inside …