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Test – for Youzer

Just some text and other awesomeness for the Youzer plugin, so that we can see if it’s actually working with the network sites …. excited to see if this works …

Test – Gutenberg

Just a test for X-theme support to see if this shows up with the Related Posts slider add-on doing what it’s doing

Test for Gutenberg

just feeling out how Gutenberg works on this site. See if it’s relative to the main site or not

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The Majesty of Magic

Magic is not a belief. It’s a feeling. A way of relating with the Universe that leads us deeper into who we really are – Divine beings, playing the game …

Test – a new connection

Learning how to use the buddy press. Made a connection with Casandra (@nectarofthemoon) and seeing how that links throughout the multisite.

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2018-5-6 – The Long Walk Home

Walking in Gratitude It has been a tremendously transformative day. Upon waking, I intentionally invoke the vibration that Dispenza suggested. ¬†Choosing to do a walking meditation, I gathered my things, …