About the Journey Home

The Journey Home is the tale of my movement into awareness of the Mythica, the real magical world.

She is the flagship Story of Mythica Productions, showcasing the creation of the Mythica online platform and the techniques I used to transform my consciousness and step into a reality of harmony, expansion and Grace.

In this authentic documentation of my journey into the magical World, we’ll be deeply exploring the nature of magic as it’s occurred for me along my journey, and how I learned to walk the rainbow road through the many realities of the World Tree.

What you see on your screen is more than just a website. In the depths of vibration. she is a portal, a window of awakening into the mystical world of the Mythica.

Here, we’re going to use Stories to teach the mystic arts. To show how we may discover the landscape of our sacred Path, and how to move from distortions back to harmony in our life by becoming our highest embodiment.

Each of us is on a journey. An adventure of sacred unfoldment into a new paradigm of being. It is a grand adventure filled with challenges and rewards, with trials and triumphs, that leads us from the known to the unknown and back again, bringing the gift of our experience to the World in our passage.

The Teaching Story

I’m going to tell You a Story. A tale of movement across the real magical World, making one’s way across the subtle landscape that underlies all our adventures. Where through the telling, we’re going to learn what it means to embody one’s highest self. To travel the rainbow bridge to the avatar of Divinity that you are.

Along the way, I’m going to be showing you a map. A map of the real magical World, and how you can travel to your own highest embodiment.

Through this tale and that of my fellow adventurer Yeshua Lucis, we’re going to be showing You the nature of your sacred Path, of your timeline across the realms of the Akasha, and how we are all connected in the Great Story of humanities unfoldment.


Many years ago I received a vision. A Quest given to me by the Divine, to document my journey along the rainbow road of self-realization, mapping the landscape of my heroic journey. To use my photography to witness the subtle pattern unfolding around me, leaving the images as golden breadcrumbs for others to follow. To use my Story to reveal the nature of all Stories, illuminating the road we all walk towards a more heavenly Earth.

Yet this would not be your normal Story. In order to serve that sacred function, I was made in a very particular way, designed by Divine intelligence to be a vessel for the Mythica.

Unlike most incarnates, I came here as a tabula rasa. A blank slate, free from the majority of impressions that define the patterns of the material plane, meant to show both my own tale and that of the avatars I had been sent to witness. 

To facilitate this, I was born with a special Gift. What in the yogic world are known as the siddhi, A superpower of awareness and perception whose mastery demanded the creation of the Mythica and the fulfillment of my sacred mission in service to the Awakening.

It was this nature that has been both my challenge and blessing, demanding the construction of the Mythica to understand the nature of self and our many journeys across the space of our becoming, the fifth element known as Akasha.

As I learned to understand the nature of why things were the way they were for me, I learned to walk the landscape of a mystical World, finding my way along the rainbow road of our endless becoming to the Source of all things.

A Teaching Story

As a teaching Story meant to illuminate the nature of the Akasha and the rainbow road between the realms, the Journey Home is told in a non-linear fashion, a memoir of interlinked moments along the timeline of my tale from 2002 and ongoing where, through the telling, we will see the map of synchronicity, outlining the Great Story that connects us all.

Through the tale, we’ll be looking at the nature of the five elements that make up all our realities, focusing on the akasha, the fifth element. As we do this, we’re going to look at reality in a whole new way, revealing the nature of our unity as expressions of the Divine presence that is our truest nature.

Showing the Mystical Perspective

This is a tale told from a different point of view. Of my own mystical perspective on the World and my journey to what I call the Commonwealth, the general consciousness of the planet. She is the story of my movement across the realms of the akasha in effort to map the roads back to Heaven on Earth. To show the way back to the Garden, by walking the World through the human condition.

Teaching the Physics of the Quest

Within the text will be references to techniques that I have used to transform my consciousness, which lead into courses in the Academy and other offerings meant to help You understand the nature of your heroic journey and the landscape on which your Path unwinds.

As a teaching Story, the Journey Home uses examples from the text to illuminate the physics of the quest, the constants that underlie ALL Stories, throughout the many legends of our lives, mapping out the roads of realization of our Divine essence.

Revealing the Journey

The Journey Home is my own Autobiography of a Yogi, in which I have documented my Path through the realms of mysticism from madness back to majesty, to the realization of the nature of self and it’s Divine purpose, where I will be showing my direct perception of the nature of self and it’s function within the Great Story of humanities unfoldment.

She is a tale of embodied mysticism, meant to dissolve the illusion of separation through the power of Story, and reveal the nature of the Akasha, the theatre of our tales and the space in which all Stories unwind.

Designed to showcase the nature of the real magical World, and how we can step into the deeper embodiment of our Divine self. To anchor Heaven on Earth into our collective reality.

It is my intention that this text helps You to see who you are being in a new light. To come to see the blessing of your sacred Path and it’s context in a Friendly Universe. To dissolve the illusion of separation that keeps us from the abundance and well-being that is our birthright as we manifest Heaven on Earth together.