About – Peter Fae Intro

Welcome to the Real World of Magick

I’m Peter Fae.  A Messenger.  Sent here on a mission to bridge Heaven and Earth.  But when I got here, I lost my memory, and had to find my way back to Paradise.

This is my Story.  This is the journey deeper into the Mythica.

 Into the Mythica is a Story the likes of which has never been seen.  The real journey into the realms of Magick, featuring the Characters, Places and Techniques used to move between the realms of manifestation.

There is a real world of myth and magick.  A brighter world, waiting just below the surface of our awareness.  She is a place I call the Mythica, and she is waiting for us to come Home.

What follows is the tale of my own progression to enlightenment, my own ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’.  It is the documentation of the very real journey from confusion and chaos to the realization of the abundance and grace that is God’s true Gift to us all.  Yet more than this, Into the Mythica is a proof of the atlas of Story, the map of synchronicity that links our destinies and purpose, an aspect of the great weave of wonder that links us all.  She is a map, the first of a network of Stories showcasing sacred Lands and many avatars of the Ascension that I have been privileged to witness in my service to the Divine.

A little bit about me.  I’m not from around here.  In fact, this is my first time in a mortal body.  I’m what you might call a Deva, a spiritual avatar sent here by God to assist in the Awakening.  As such a being, I was born with a very particular awareness, one designed to fulfill my task, that allowed me direct perception of the fields of Reality that many strive for many lifetimes to attain.

Such created a very unique situation, for while I was born with this Gift, I have suffered the same confusion and distortion that all beings are clearing at this climactic point of our collective Ascension, coming to Awaken from the amnesia of ignorance to the beauty of who and what we really are, children of the Divine, living in a magickal World full of possibility.

And while this may sound incredulous, let me say this: We are all deva, underneath.  All spiritual beings having a human experience.  The only difference for me is that I just arrived in the material plane, while many others have been here for much, much longer.  Make no mistake, i’m just like You.  I forgot who I really was, and had to find my way back.

This is the purpose of the Journey Home, to track the process of attainment, showcasing healing that i’ve done, the healing I continue to do, and the Revelations that have come from that bright effort.  She tracks both the challenge and the victory, to prove that it can be done, that it must be done, and that we can all find our way Home.  And while the first Story of the Mythica is my own, such is merely the framework for the much larger Mythica network, a broadcast platform of our sacred Stories designed to help ALL beings fulfill their dharma, clear their portion of the distortion, and discover the bright Purpose that lay waiting within their Self to be revealed.  Such is a healing that we ALL share, all walking each other Home across the deep territories of the many Worlds of the Creation.

For me, such was the nature of what was required, so that I could understand the human condition, so that I could embody the remedy, through experience, and build the Mythica, this map of the road back to Heaven on Earth.

As you can imagine, no easy task.  For a long time the people of this plane have been asleep, unaware of the greater Goodness that is God’s Truth.  We are just coming to awaken to the deeper octaves of who we really are, barely aware of the Divinity that lay within our sleeping consciousness.

A Teaching Story

The Journey Home is a teaching Story, meant to illustrate the causal reality that lay in the deeper octaves of our awareness.  This site is set up as a mixture of articles, videos and testimonials, all referencing the documentation of my journey from ignorance to Realization as a means of proving the physics of the quest and illuminating You, the Reader, to the deeper realization of God’s Goodness and the great unfoldment that is shared between us all.  Such provides the framework for the World of the Mythica, the beta model of a network designed to facilitate a global Awakening of the nature of our sacred Path, the interconnectivity of our destinies, and the return to the Aina, the sacred Land.

In order to prove that we can change our circumstance, I was required to learn and apply the techniques and spiritual technologies that make that happen.  Fundamental to this has been the application of the Life Visioning process of Agape ministries, ho’oponopono, the teachings of Mindvalley, and various yogas of consciousness I have developed for reconnection with the natural World with the graceful assistance of the plant deva.  Over the course of the Journey Home, I have proven their usage, showing both the hardship of the realms through which I travelled and their victorious transformation through doing the work required to make it happen.

The World of Magick

As part of my mission, I was tasked with creating a way of transforming consciousness through the power of Story.  Using the tales of the trials and triumphs of the Path to help us all Remember, revealing the underlying mythos and wonder of our individual and collective heroic journey of Awakening, revealing the real world of magick and synchrony, of awe and wonder, that is Seen when we clear the distortions from our perception and return to Grace.  Such has been my primary agenda, the purpose of my incarnation., the reason why I was sent here.

The worlds of myth and magick are real.  I’m living proof.  And I am not alone.  A league of Guardians stands with me, each fulfilling their own sacred Story, their own Divine function in the redemption of the planet.  Mine is the first Story of the Mythica, but not the last, the timeline of my ongoing Awakening a model for many more to come, all linked together in the Atlas of Story, proving the Truth – That there is no separation, that we are all connected, and that God is Good.

It is my honour to hold space for this grand revelation, in which the thread of my tale is but the first glimpse of a World of infinite possibility.  Dawn has come at last, and I welcome you, one and all, to join me on this Quest, to discover what it means to come back to Eden, to walk the rainbow road between the many realms of our potential.  Welcome to the journey Home.


 – Peter Fae