Zen Awakening - The Misty Mountain

Fires of Awakening - Initiations

Reaching the Misty Mountains of California at last after our trek from the Eastern coastline, Joshua and I encounter a realm of mists and rainfall, deeply reminiscent of the energies of Avalon herself. 

Here the  aina of the place speaks to me deeply as we set our camp and begin to explore what awaits us in the space.

I witness King Niekko, a guardian of guardians, standing by the signpost leading the people through the realms of his stewardship.  It’s a beautiful moment, where I feel deep love and admiration for my friend’s bright efforts and the victory of our shared arrival here on the Misty Mountain.

I am led to the campfire.  To participate in the invocation of the space.

AGAIN the bardic comes through me, words weaving their wonder through the ethers.  It feels delicious.  Opening and reminding of my truest aspect, the spellsong and incantation that is my part in the Great Story.

It is a thing of great wonder, for it embodies my own movement deeper into expression.  A feeling comes through me as it happens – a recognition that I have completed the structure of the temple and now may go deeper into my own expression.  It is a beautiful sense, both of completion and the beginning of a new chapter on the journey.

Initiating the Nest

As I make my way forward, I am eager to discover Nature Dreamweaver’s latest creation in the space.  I had been present for the synchronicity that brought Nate, Niekko Chin and myself together in Austin during 2020, witnessing their arrival as part of the Great Story I have been ordained to witness in service to the Awakening.

Coming to Naturaya’s Nests is always a holy experience, for I see the deeper pattern beneath it’s weaving.  There is a sacredness to it, to these New Earth Sacred Temples (N.E.S.T.S.) and their significance amongst the emergent tribes.

In many ways Nature’s Nests parallel the energy of the Mythica, for both are expressions of the World Tree, the weave of circumstances, of roots and branches that connects us all beneath the surface of the world.  For many years now I have witnessed Nature and myself being led to various locations, to witness and anchor spaces for the tribe, sowing the seeds of the New Earth in our service.

I see the musician Equanimous in the space, and tell him of the Mythica’s embodiment.  When I had first shared it with him, I hadn’t gotten the response i’d wanted.

In this he shows a humility.  “I honestly didn’t think you’d be able to do it” he says, and I smile in my victory.  In the reality that Joshua and I have done it, shaping a portal to help the people anchor themselves into their own mythology, to Awaken to the Goddesses and Gods we all truly are.

A blessing awaits me in the space as Brynevere, one of the emergent Grail Queens and a bard of the New Earth, offers up her sacred song to initiate the temple.

The Lioness of Love

I am drawn further into the land, feeling the tendrils of ley, the subtle gravities which define our paths.  Such leads me onwards towards the main yoga area, where a flash of magic catches my eye.

The energy is palatable in the space, flush with the tones of Egypt and the ethers, of embodied magic and tantric excellence as I make my way towards the tent, feeling the ripples moving across the subtle.

There’s an intensity to it.  One that reminds me of my own progression back into the physical, of bringing the Crown of my awareness into the Root, embodying my own Divine Feminine on the journey Home.

I connect with the priestess, a lioness of Sekhmet who goes by the name ‘Cher’joylene’.

To encounter such beings is always a privilege, for it is the very nature of the Mythica herself.  The witnessing of the arrival of the Characters in God’s casting call, the angels and avatars sharing the grand intention to help humanity ascend to a new octave of embodiment and grace. 

We chat, and it is an easy thing, flush with resonance.  That she has her own tarot card is fantastic … an emblem of the invocation of embodiment that defines the emergent priestess archetype.  It resonates, reflecting with the authenticity of my own avatar and a deeper shared purposing, twin angels in service to the Awakening.

“I’d love to do magic with you” she says, and I agree, each of us falling into an easement of expression, into a shared breath of recognition.  Inspired, we sit across from each other, feeling the edges of the membrane of ether that define the horizon of our worlds.  As we do, I ask her nearby ally to witness us with a video which she does graciously.

The motions unfold, natural as breath.  It is the pure tantra, the place between places where who we are speaks itself into being.  Where in natural counterpoint, we fall into an easy flow, divining and responding to the arcs of energy that sing through the surface of our forms.  As we do, the energy rises and our camera-operator moves with them, the rainbows of our flushness playing out, revealing the subtle beneath the surface.

As we finish and she heads off, I pull my card from the Thoth tarot for the day, getting the Hanged Man …

Mystics of Avalon

It amazes me.  It always amazes me to see the way in which the lands of the Mythica reveal themselves upon the surface of the world.

For me, all such things reveal the magic.  The people, the place, the conditions 

Beauty Within, Beauty Without

As they speak, I feel the Aka of self-love, of boundaries and sovereignty, of the victory of their own declarations in romance.

It is a deeply beautiful thing, part of the larger weave that is the Temple of Inner and Outer beauty, where I witness Petra in her sacred capacity, embodying the very vibration she offers in her merchantile.

Heh … I love the Mythica so much.  To be able to SEE the depths of the World, to live on the octave of excellence, is to experience the people as what they truly are.

It’s the enchantment that draws me.  The layers of color that define true magical items.  Such things are always made of the scent of their Maker, flush with the energies passing through their avatar and it’s intrinsic Gift to the worlds.

In this case, the jewelry sang with the tones of royalty, the chain and it’s crystals both grounding and exalting one’s presence, holding both the freedom of the draping chain and the form of it’s counterweight that felt beautiful.  An inspired elegance.

Yet while this was bright to behold on the surface, such as merely a petal of the truer, deeper view, that all these things were part of something larger, an embodiment of beauty and self-regard changing the shape of the day.

Mists and the Market

As I reach the tents, I see Joshua, deep in the process of clearing the patterns within his form.

I have such admiration for Joshua.  For his diligence, his clarity and sovereignty.  There is such virtue in his relentlessness, his unshakeable recognition that the harmonious version of our reality exists, and that by doing the inner work we can change our circumstances from the inside-out.

Such is the basic principle of the Mythica herself, and Joshua holds it true, ever-deepening into the theory and practice of the mystic arts in service to the Quest.

I feel him in his process.  Yet I am not in a place of Shadows, so after checking in and affirming that his work will change his conditions, I make my way downward, back into the realms.

The Where and When things happen is deeply important in documenting the journey into the Mythica, for the landscape of our emergent mythos is the backdrop for our stories, the stage upon which our characters play their parts in the Great Story.

It’s in this vein that Cher’Joylene, her ally and I find our way to the Pyramid of Knowledge, an archetype within the landscapes of legend that exist upon the Misty Mountain.  There, I feel a vast transmission come through, one connected to the celestial energies shared by myself and Cher’Joylene, illuminating us all in the next phase of our journeys.

Artists & Avatars

I realize that Crystal is the same avatar I had seen at the Inner and Outer Beauty, and that she is in a blooming, coming to recognize her own majesty in the breaking day.

It’s all such great mythos.  Where, to my fae eyes, the bards of the modern world gather, each sharing their gifts of Story and Song in a pantheon of embodied light.


The air is thick with the primal tones, with the bones and radiant elixirs of the alchemists …

The mythos is so clear to me in these moments as I wanderwalk past Joshua, his gaze steady on the Thoth tarot upon the carpet teahouse of the Nomadapothecary.   It’s a beautiful scene, and I cherish it, flush in the expression of the Mythica invocation, my footsteps arriving at the scenes of synchronicity that define the magical world.

Akasha Yoga - The Substance of Magic

Everything is feeling deeply, deeply magical.  Every person, every place, every encounter feels significant.  Archetypical.  Where the characters arrive in perfect synchrony, revealing the threads of the Great Story that supports us all.

Angels and Avatars

Of course I would encounter the alchemist here, meeting in the mystic market that gathers the people in the realm.  It was significant for the last time we’d been face-to-face with our brother-kin, we had been forging the aka of the Mythica in the “Magician’s Oasis” chapter of the Journey Home.  To see him appear again now that the glyph was singing across the ethers was bright.

It’s a perfect moment where, true to form, Samson appears wearing something reminiscent of the ancient world, the energies cascading through is form in geometries of celestial light.

I make my way behind the food tent, to the place of comfort and community created and woven by the bright intentions of Yatri Abundance, Leia and Joy.

To enter the space cools me, softening my shape with it’s radiance.  It is a place of soft feminine, of curls and cuddles, a sanctuary of love within the outer landscape of the Zen Awakening.

Here Leia adorns the young priestess, bringing out the Queen within the Girl.  It is a beauty, witnessed in the underlands as the fellowship of women, the tribal tradition of adorning and adoring manifest through the modern myth.

Intending to honor my agreement to the WEALTH membership I draw a card from the Thoth, feeling it’s influence across the substance of my story.

And she IS beauty.  Radiant from the inside-out.  Touched and held by the land she chooses to love.  A sense of comfort bears witness in the space between our aspects, scenting of furs and family, of the forest and sanctuary of the twilight.

The Invocation of Beauty

As I make my way across the Misty Mountain, i’m drawn back to the nexus of light that is the ‘Inner and Outer Beauty upon the underlands of the mountain.  As I do, I arrive in perfect timing to witness Petra and Cher’Joylene performing an invocation, sharing an Opening with the woman who attended my workshop on magic.

It is a mystical moment, where I feel the codes of authentic beauty, the Aka of Beauty as it expresses itself through the surface world passing between them.  Carried on the winds of song.

I feel into the moment.  Into why I would be lead to this confluence, as Naturaya arrives, resplendent in his royal purple.  A photo is witnessed of us and I smile, the colors of our service plain upon the surface of the story, and I See, a flux of information passing through the ethers of my mindseye.  I see the purpose of the placement, these Goddesses of Grace and Beauty, of fierceness and sensual sovereignty alongside us, a splay of colors across the rainbow beneath the road.

Such is the sacred.  The purpose of our pantheon … the giving of the Gift to the people.  Where the virtue of being our true selves is the product itself.  The vibration we share with others on our shared journey Home.

The Womb of the World

“ONWARD!” moves across my mindseye as Petra points the way towards the next nexus of light, her illuminate presence deftly followed by a lightning sparks of faerie light, resolving into the form of Ruby upon the path.

There is such a potency to this one.  I can smell the magic, the dragonfly and gold, twirling the space around her.  She pauses for me for a moment in the market and. I catch a glimpse, feeling the tones of music and oracular grace beneath the surface.

We pass the maidens along the way, and I see Crystal again, expressive in the spell of recognized beauty gained with the dakini.  Among her I hear …

The rainbow pulses beneath the road as I move forward, the tones of the land unveiling themselves in subtle colors …

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To my gaze everything in the mortal plane is a resolution, a weaving of qualities that play at being human, living alchemies of light and color forming a pantheon of Stories.

Such is a thing of great beauty, for it gives the context to our stories, to the resolutions shared by all in what it means to be God-being-human, making our way to a brighter world.

Here I am privileged to witness a thing which wets my heart awake, for I see Naturaya receiving the love and admiration that he DESERVES for his service, recognized by himself in bright reflection through the dakini.

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Once again, I encounter the Elder Fae on the trail, giving my recognition as travelers on the path as she makes her way into the realms of Middle Earth …

The Gentle Giant

His Aspect unfolds for me then, the single-pointedness of focus that defines the various avatars of the Awakening in their area of expertise.  Such is the calling card of the demigods and gods, whose very nature is consumed by it’s own essence, defined by the shape of the Aka that is their throne on the table.

Here Cher’Jolyene makes a discovery, the vibrations leading her to a stonework mermaid that embodies the aspects of her aquatic and angelic essence …

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After feeling the energies of our angelic alignment, I make my way back to the mystic market, there to encounter the fae Ruby by the teahouse.  As we do, I feel a pulsing within, the Mythica aching to be shared with this modern bard …

Rainbows and Roses

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The White Rose

“Here, this is the essence of the White Rose of the Magdalene” she says, and offers an anointing to which we gratefully accept.

Akasha Yoga - The Landscapes of Legend

It is the confluence of things that reveals the Mythica.  The ways in which the vibrational topography beneath the surface of our experience push themselves above the line of our mystery.  Here, I see Cher’Jolyene arrival, literally walking on stars and clad in the ivories of her royalty as well as the collection of avatars within the space in the depths of our mythos, arriving together to share wisdom upon the Misty Mountain.

There is a naturalness to her arrival.  A feeling of balance, of angels aligned in service that permeates the space.  As I invite her on camera, I know she will rise to the challenge, slipping into that which sings through her in it’s radiance.

The Rainbow Rose

The landscapes of legend reveal themselves as I pass Ruby’s faery essence, this time carrying a literal rainbow rose!

She graces me with a photo as I walk onward with a smile, for the appearance of the Rose itself in the ethers feels realmsign of the highest order, the manifestation of the Mythica on the surface of the world.

The Breath of Life

The sanga opens me, clearing my gaze.  Combined with the breath and the radiance of the facilitators, I feel the essence, blending the shifting the tones of my form.  Opening me.  Opening us all.

Pearls amongst the Trees

I encounter Cher’Joylene again amongst the trees in the midst of a photo shoot with Petra, Hannah and a magician I have yet to meet.

She smiles as I approach.  “Is this another pearl?” she exclaims, referencing the pearls of synchronicity that string along the timelines of our stories.

“Of course! That’s just how I roll” I say, grinning.

I scan the scene.  They are doing a glamour shoot, posing amongst the foliage to showcase the beauty artifact they are selling at the festival.

Photo shoots are so interesting to me.  Having spent so many years simply witnessing the angels beneath the clay of our selves, the spellwork of arranging sets and circumstances is secondary to me.  My sense has always been that the true alignment is one of heart’s meeting, of the inner beauty rising beneath the outer.  Such is the most authentic, and thus the most potent of the image arts.

I work the magic in their service, opening the space so the beauty within can be seen within the photos.  Such is the deeper beauty.  The true laughter and connection, the royalty of character that lay beneath the surface.  Such is the thing that lasts forever, beneath the changing shapes of the skin.

Yet while such postures are beautiful in their genre, I know there is a deeper, more robust expression.  One that reveals the inner as well as the outer, that lifts the veil of glamour to reveal the gold.

I can feel it, beneath the surface.  Pulsing, aching to be Seen.  To be a vessel for the jewels of their enterprise.  The revelation of the True Royalty, that which empowers the jewelry with it’s essence.

Leaving the Realm

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Angel's Gaze

The energies flush within me as I shift my position, moving to a new locus in the Akasha.  To the vantage of Angel’s Gaze.

Here, the play of timelines and synchronicities reveal themselves, the constellations of our living starlight finding each other again and again across the landscapes of the many worlds.

A vision opens to me then, revealing the maps of the Mythica.  The landscapes of legend that Joshua and I traversed to reach the Misty Mountain …

Characters Appearing

Joshua Blake
Niekko Chin
Nature Dreamweaver
Cher’ryl Jolyne
Tula the Wolf
Yatri Abundance
Michael the Gentle Giant