I find myself witnessing Misty, first thing in the morning. Where after the crash and tumble of frustration and grievance that moved through me the day before I experienced an opening. A place of more access to the light that moves from within, and in this, I watched my focus change, listening to the Divinity that comes through her blessed form.

Glyph of the Elder Scrolls

Like all things, it happened through the Akasha at a confluence of events. Having written all morning, I was playing Elder Scrolls, thick with the energy of the bardic. I had just applied to a guild of roleplayers, an act which triggered a remembrance of the joy and fulfillment I found in the writing and living of the mystical journey. Of how i’d chosen to leave the world of roleplaying decades ago to live more of an embodied magical life.

This is particular magic, with me, for it was the roleplaying world that first inspired my love of the real magic, providing the framework for my leaving New York city in 2002 to go on the journey deeper into the Mythica, deeper into the real magical world.

And everything is a divination. In the game, I had arrived in a realm in that online world where there were vast pods, created by the Wood Elves, grown from the trees. It was a thing I knew Misty would appreciate, so I called her over to share.

(Image collected from Elder Scrolls)

“Yes. YES.” she says. “That’s just how I saw things in my vision. Houses, grown from trees.” A wave of vibration moves through her then, rippling across the akasha. I sense a deeper gravity to the moment, a movement of consciousness that looked, on the surface of perception, as my arrival in the Grahtwood of the Elder Scrolls universe, yet was, in the subtle planes of our unfolding experience, something deeper.

“Totally’ I say. “And where does that resonance come from?”

She pauses. Her out-breath is like leaves falling, reminding me of the times and places when we have shifted deeper into the Mythica together, able to see the Aspects of the Divine that push through us into the mortal plane.

“The Akasha”, she answers, and I nod.

Such was the magic. The quality of unfoldment, the moments in which something appears in the field of our perception and it inspires a moment of remembrance.

It can come in any form. Through a vision received in deep meditation, through a casual statement made by a friend, through the articulate designs of a video game. What matters is not the shifting outer form of the divination, but what it inspires, what it triggers within.

I felt her, in that moment. Felt the Goddess that embodied itself as her. The deeper archetypcal energies that defined Misty’s place and purpose in the world. Felt the driving force beneath her desire to help the people, to share with them what she remembers about the Great Trees and what how that re-orientation changes our electromagnetics such that we may live more properly aligned with the nature of nature

Misty Odom – Lady of the Trees

It was a thing seen, in the Mythica. In the mystical octave of reality, where what we look like on the surface of perception is but the tip of the iceberg, a portal to a vast depth of essence and meaning that lay beneath. From where I stood in that moment, I felt the magic of her essence. The gravity and poise, the gentle thunder and ancient knowing that gave rise to her excellence of the healing and divinatory arts. To the real magic that lay within her, always.

In so many ways, Misty’s aspect complements my own, her Earth matching my Sky, each of our essences inspiring it’s balance in the other. Such is the nature of our union Divine balance, the ways in which we reflect and inspire the wholeness in the space between.

Among her many virtues, Misty holds the tones of devotion and discipline in the mystic practices of this plane. Like Yeshua, she reminds me that for all my angelic nature, I am not exempt from the practices necessary to transform consciousness. Even more, her kindness and fierce compassion are a balm to me, holding space for the healing going on even as I write this missive, soothing the resolving wounds of my entry into the material plane.

Such is the same with all things. It’s the secret of the magic, that it’s always around us, all the time, manifesting through the stories we tell to each other, through the characters that we play in the Great Story, the archetypes that embody themselves through us and the way in which we move through the worlds.

Late Night Revelations

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