2019 – Temple of the Akasha

2019 -Temple of the Akasha

01 Jan

“The Ahimsa Temple”

“The Ahimsa Temple” Sacred Synchronicities Once again I see a confluence of avatars arrivin

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03 Jan

“Agents of the Aina”

“Agents of the Aina” The Return of Alaya Love Drawing from the Stories https://

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09 Jan

“Gaze of Shiva”

“Gaze of Shiva” A MAJOR moment on the Quest where I felt my personality dissolve and the aspect

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24 Jan

“The Mandala Gardens”

“The Mandala Gardens” To be in the temple is proof of concept. Of manifestation wrought from t

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13 Feb

“Signs & Synchronicities”

“Signs & Synchronicities” The Great Story unfolds as allies from the realms of faerie arrive on

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03 Mar

“Lions of Love”

“Lions of Love” Lightning in the Trees It is in this moment that Misty Odom first appears o

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06 May

“Brothers of Light & Shadow”

“Brothers of Light & Shadow” Hana Mana Shadows of the City Working the Land

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07 Jun

“Hana Mana”

“Hana Mana” Just a placeholder for the Hana Mana episode, coming soon, showcasing the movement

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03 Jul

“Graduation Day”

“Graduation Day” A vast sense of nostalgia fills me as I gaze out across the akasha.At last, t

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18 Jul

“Temple of the Sacred Mirror”

“Temple of the Sacred Mirror” Tremendous initiations are happening as I camp by the creekside o

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26 Jul

“The Heart of Barton”

“Heart of Barton” Following the suggestion by the priestess, make my way to what is called ‘Ba

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22 Aug

“Prisms of Perception”

“Prisms of Perception” The Path of Surrender The Blessing of Bards Sc

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30 Aug

“The Ark Crystal”

“The Ark Crystal” Following the invitation of the Wizard Yaws, Misty and I make our way to the

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18 Sep

“The Sanctuary of Trees”

“The Sanctuary of Trees” Blessings of the Land Blessing of Lightning September 18 – S

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25 Sep

“The Story Saints – Part I”

“The Story Saints – Part 1” Yeshua arrives in Austin! Together, we continue the work on the Myt

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24 Oct

“The Story Saints – Part II”

“The Story Saints – Part 2” Warding the Space Hope and the Rainbow B

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