2018-5-6 – The Long Walk Home

Walking in Gratitude

It has been a tremendously transformative day. Upon waking, I intentionally invoke the vibration that Dispenza suggested.  Choosing to do a walking meditation, I gathered my things, took off my sandals, and began a long 7 mile Beach walk to Encinitas, constantly holding the vibrational tone of my intention and holding the subtle asana of Gratitude.

The results were amazing!

A deep sense of causality comes upon me intermittently as I am holding the vibration. I recall things said in Dispenza’s transmission, about the brain compartmentalizing itself, and re-organizing itself when one shifted into a state of pure consciousness. As I let the idea of that, the vibration of that settle into my consciousness, there is the sense that so much of my work has been to have my mind, which creates reality and expression, in a constancy. When I  looked at the various publications of my Self, including the creation of the Mythica itself as reflections of my home state of being, it was clear that there was a necessary movement into a more integrated space, where the products and services that I wish to share with people were capable of grounded expression.

It is this grounding that I feel most deeply, here in Encinitas at this point in the quest. Since that began with “dropping in“ into my form, in a progression after the forgiveness and self-love exercises designed to unlock the manifestation capability within the self.

The Land speaks to me as I feel my bare feet upon the sandy skin of Gaia.  There is a deepening, a resonance radiant from the Aina, the sacred energy of the Land, necessary to the alchemy.  As I walk the malleable sand, I walk the softening of my own Self, the timbre of the deva reinforcing my inner charge.  Such feels the elemental quality that has been necessary for the actualization, the archetypical  movement from Heaven to Earth from my vantage of entry.

We are, after all, made of such things.  Of sand and water.  Sun and stone.  Golem animated by the breath of God.  There is a sense of witnessing my Self walking the beach while also being within the Self, moving through the necessary alchemies to embody Heaven on Earth.  Not for the first time, there is the recognition of my attainment in Witnessing preceding that of Manifestation.  That such was required to bring the awareness of the Akasha and that of our Collective Unity, to the Commonwealth.  There is the recognition of a larger intelligence organizing the progression of attainments, such that the deeper yogas may be presented.

What Dispenza is saying is no different than the vibrational undercurrent of Joe Vitale, of Michael Beckwith‘s Life Visioning, or Neville Goddard’s “feel it“ style of manifestation, and any  of the myriad of surface forms for the basic quality of energetic sculpting. Yet it is only now, coming through the medium of Dispenza’s transmission, that I feel a grounding… Into the mechanics of the brain, into the bio chemistry and fight or flight of the body, where the transmission, coupled with my own direct witnessing, is producing a new level of ability to apply and systematically evaluate the technique of embodiment manifestation.

Such is connected to the very thesis for which I built the Mythica, to showcase the real ways in which we transform our consciousness and thus our reality, helping the people to see their OWN Story in it’s mythopoetic significance, walking the rainbow road to their highest embodied Self.

I walk beneath a bridgework whilst on the beach, continuing the invocation  As I do, spontaneously, a man asks about my backpack and if I am homeless (which is technically true and I tell him so) and gives me $5!!! Such was, to me, proof of the axis of manifestation in shift.


8 Billion Dreams

As I entered Eve’s  in Encinitas, I was led to a bus outside marked with the word “Gratitude“. Inside, I was treated to breakfast, and asked to write my dream down as part of a project called 8 Billion Dreams.


Beautiful conversation ensued in which we were able to recognize the deeper aspect of our shared collective intention, as I witnessed our congruence on the path as proof of the cloud Atlas of our collective consciousness.  Synchronicity glowed in the space, feeling as a victory in the applied techniques of Manifestation.

It is here I have opportunity to meet Stephen Cesarini, David Weber and Cody Westerlund, embodying the tones of the djedi.  Feeling the texture, I inquire if he knows Adam Apollo.  Of course he does, the synchrony of our movements across the Akasha a reminder of God’s unfoldment.

We are all connected.

To arrive in the synchrony of so many aspects of the Collective, each blazing with the vibrational Gift of the new paradigm.  In the subtle planes beneath the surface, such appears to me as a grand chorus of lights, embodied starlight lighting sparks across a canvas of colours.  Lines of confluence move across the space, playing out on the surface as our cause and conversation.  It is really quite sublime.  While such looks on the surface as my writing of my Dream onto a pile of others dreams on a stylized paper plays out in the planes beneath as a majesty.  A gorgeous Service of interwoven Light.  There is such a nobility to the bright effort of this crew, pollinating the World with the shared brightness of our many efforts.

I flip through the Dreams, still resonating with the imprint of the soul that writ them to form.  Each is precious.  A pearl of the firmament, threads of numinous light weaving between them in echoes of synchronicity and design.  As I witness this, on cue, the maestro of the bus offers us videos of sacred Song, emerging from the Dreams of the people.

As I move inside, the blessings continue! One of my allies appears in the field with two full orders of food that weren’t eaten! They offer it to me, which I receive graciously, marveling at the occurrence.  I ate a bit of it and then considered, what a beautiful blessing to share with the travelers on the Gratitude bus.  So beautiful.  I love such opportunities, where we can make the choice to be aligned with the flow of Abundance through ourselves to one another.

Always good to keep the energy flowing.

While on the bus I encounter a newborn baby and her mother, a beautiful avatar named Joy, whom I have an immediate and deep recognition with, in which the telling of the rainbow Road was able to be received by her and her lover. Such was yet another beautiful confirmation but I was in my right positioning, and in the victorious application of technique.  She mentions to me an appreciation of my Voice, recognizing the strong masculinity and grounded softness in it. It is a beautiful reflection. One that reminds me of the results of clear delivery gained through the arduous campaign across the territories of the Mythica.

In the space, the bardic energy rises, that feeling of Story, Song and Dance, I had an impromptu music session with my fellow deva (now calling herself ‘Truth’) and some other musicians… Recognizing that this softer, more inclusive vibration is the nature of the artistic collaboration and shared community that I have been moving towards.  All the while I am feeling a sense of victory, seeing the results of the application of the embodied manifestation invoked and held throughout the day.

The bardic continues, rolling in waves towards the gravity of Gratitude.  A wash of lyrical moves towards me, and I see a figure resolving in the field, approaching.

Such takes the form of J Brave Luminous, one of the poet-kings of the Galactic.   As I hold the tone of easement, we share an understanding over the nature of the Mythica as a portal for the new story. There is a shared sense of the bardic, of the majesty of storytelling. Once more I see the reflection of my sacred voice received.   In his appreciation, I feel the reflections of the holding of the tone of my own royalty reflecting back to me from the field.

Such is always the essence of the thing.  That our Aspect reflects back to us from the field, always … yet we may not be ken to see it.  As I have traveled across the Mythica, such has been the Divine shape, that of Storytelling, of Voice and Song, that has mirrored back across the fields.  As for ALL of us working our way back Home, it is simply about Remembering it.

The sunsets as I dictate this entry. There is a dance and after party at Eve‘s, and I shall attend it, continuing to hold the vibrational tone of my own victory embodiment. As I mentioned to Truth earlier, this is the newfound Earth way.  A sense of grounding the great magick that moved through me into a constancy of vibrational application. It feels a progression… From the yogic virtue of witnessing and discernment to a more assertive wielding, or focusing on the tones of victory already present, always present within the field.


As I leave, I witness the front of the bus emblazoned with the words ‘Journey Within’.  A clear reflection from the Universe of the poise and purpose of the Mythica.  Such reminds me again that one must shift their inner landscape to experience a change reflection in their ‘outer’ reality, for they are one and the same, navigate by the sensations upon our inner Worlds.

So much is becoming clear, now that I have finally made it to the Commonwealth.  All around me there is the sense of things coalescing, the subtle ministrations of How Things Work become ever-more evident in the field.

The grounding changes everything, allowing my lightning to bridge from Heaven down to Earth.  A sense of implicit dharma comes through me, as I witness the progression of Peter’s (my character) Path deeper into the Mythica.  As the gratitude invoked in the morning deepens, there is a realization that all this time I have been processing the classic ideologies of yoga, the cause of manifestation, the nature of the self, the ways in which were healing transform.  That such is integral to the nature of Peter’s character on the World stage and the sacred offering of the Mythica to our shared Awakening.

From Dispenza’s inspired offering, I witness a deeper understanding of the nature of our vibrational state in the present, and how it recreates our circumstance.  How the forgiveness and Deva Yoga has been essential in clearing the subconscious patterns within the Self such that I could even arrive at this style of manifest application, yet another tone of ‘Manifestor consciousness’ dropping deeper into my Self.

It is my feeling that this is a grounded clarification on something I have been working on for quite some time and that, having experienced such beneficial results the past two days, I am excited and optimistic to continue witnessing the results of application of process.

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