2018-5-3 – Positivity, Ilan and The Nervous System

A magickal thing just happened, proving the principles of Akasha yoga.  Frustrated yet again with the circumstances of my manifestation, I awoke feeling pressed-upon by the energies of the being who is graciously hosting me in their space.  This prompted a reaching out, to Sun, to Dakota, to Michael Numinous, to try to move things forward.

Dakota came forward, presenting a youtube video on positivity and the energies therein, and I resolved to focus my energies to the positive, doing Manifestor consciousness whilst on the bus headed into towne, in effort to connect with Yeshua and move the marketing forward.

Arriving at Eve’s, I facilitate a healing for Queen-Girl, then run into Ilan.  Holding the Manifestor-consciousness tone, I speak with Ilan, asking about how to do the marketing and other bits.  As the conversation continues, some bits of my inner feeling creep out, describing the deep-rooted frustration with the circumstance and the nervous tension that creates in my form.

He nods.  This is his area, after all.  I witness myself presenting that I feel like the community has not been there for me in the past, and my surprise that the Mythica had not been picked up or supported ahead of this moment.  As I speak, I can feel the tremors moving through my nervous system.  I know he can too.  As this continues, Ilan offers something interesting.  A beautiful reflection.

Ilan reflects to me how he was in sales, and how he actually trained people in sales.  He talks about the vibrational tone that one is giving off, that what people really buy into is one’s vibration.  It sinks in deeply, reminding me again of my own statements, that the true language is vibrational, and we must be mindful of the vibration we are embodying as that is what is, in that moment.

He suggests that it will be difficult to perceive the ideas and inspiration, to get things done, while my nervous system is agitated * and * that the agitation within the nervous system will turn people away, as it’s the vibration the aspects of the Self respond to.  This draws a huge feeling-tone from my Heart, where I sense the layers of emotional rage at feeling unmet and unreceived, at feeling as though I’ve had to do all these things with minimal support, to the ongoing rationalization within myself that such has, at least, produced the Realizations that it has.

Yet … I know he’s right.  More, that the aspect of the Self that is coming through him is a helping tone from the Universe.  While I am driven to get things done, Ilan suggests that I simply drop in to the fact that nothing is happening, feeling into the Love, the REAL Love that sits beneath the stress and discontent, and clearing the nervous system before I try to do anything.

It’s the Truth.  I feel it in my Heart.  And while there is VAST resentment towards the “conscious community” for not truly being compassionate or understanding, I recognize that this is the road to sovereignty, to embodying the tonality that brings results.  I can feel the tension, the disquiet within my form regarding what has been.  It brings up an image of Yeshua and Savannah, where she wanted to curl up near him because it was safe and grounded and peaceful, while my inner agitation was bringing up agitation for her.  Simply put, we have to embody resolve with the situation, regardless of what is going on.  Beings are Self-centered and comfort-oriented, they only want to be around the easement, so THEY feel better.

Because there is no separation, I can feel this occurring across the field.  There is the sense that this has affected the recognition and reception of my Gifts in the World, the question of which has, of course, created the very tension that I must dissolve in a true forgiveness and sovereignty.


…. still, at the end of the day, lots of things are coming together.  The Akasha yoga, the presentation, the Mythica, the groundedness, all of these are signs of FINALLY shifting realms into someplace else.  Where I am FINALLY grounded enough to recognize the effect on the nervous system, seeing this long progression from Heaven into the Earth plane through the lens of my individual Self.

It is challenging.  I feel the burning within my Heart over this.  I feel the nervous system on Fire from so much stress for so long, wading my way through the madness of the mortal condition.  Dealing with the conditions.  Clearing.  Clearing.  Forgiving.  Accepting.  More clearing.  More forgiving.  More positivity.  Falling back.  Same circumstance.  Cultivating detachment.  More clearing. More forgiving.  More accepting.  One wonders if it will ever end.

Still … I focus on the positive.  On the dropping into the body.  Invoking Trust that God is working through all these aspects, that I live in a friendly Universe, that things will resolve in the most positive of ways.  Just dropping in to the body, to have ACCESS to my Gifts, embodying the vibration so that I am received seems to require the most ardent of practices to change the reaction and vibration.




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