2018-4-7 – Across the realms with McLain

having Revelations. * again *
pulling the Academy together is a thing. Feeling like the Universe wants me to offer some kind of counsel or healing to the people.
you certainly have the gift for it
t is True
It is True
I consider, perhaps such has been the reason for hte financial pattern, that I have been relying too much on the Mythica and not offering the Gift in the manner hte Universe wants me to
there is a sort of irony to this as I actually have been building the Mythica in a much LARGER healing pattern, to help the People on a bigger level. The ideas to do the counseling for People were blocked from my consciousness, until I received a divination from Lady Ariane … mmm . Hey.
using the Gift would certainly bring abundance and attention to the Mythica
I See that now
this wasn’t exactly seen before
I feel … there was a lot Shadow to move thorugh, to get this iteration, which I perceive as an adjustment of the subtle asana, thus changing the texture of the lens of perception, thus allowing vantage and reception of new Ideas from Source
You know that if you were doing the healings, you would practice the yogas needed to do it cleanly
I am drivne by my own sense of right-actio
Truly, I had felt that the Value of the Mythica-as-a-real-gateway-to-magick would be recognized vibrationally, and there would be more flush support in the way of more expansive synchronicities, alliances, etc.
However, as I arrived here at the Magician’s Oasis and continued our practices, it became more and more clear that I needed to ground the Mythica more into the Commonwealth for her to be seen, playing out as an endless myriad of access and access denied to Ideas, shifting tones, self-love, healing, and nigh-endless practices of inner adjustment.
The mythica and akashic healing sessions could work in harmony to empower each other. each lending brightness to the other
Of course, I have Results. Both Yeshua and I are light-years beyond wehre we were, and I feel grounded in a deeper and more constant octave of enlightnement which, as all things are the ripples of the Self, is playing out as both the clarity of the Mythica and, in thsi Now, the Idea of granting healings in the meantime
I FEEL what You are saying.
Such was not availed before this moment.
Honestly, I would feel strongly in a different location. Las Vegas does not feel super-geomantically aligned with what we’re on about. San Diego or Sedona moreso, with a lean toeards San Diego
We are right there, Noah. The enlightenment is real, the constancy is increasing, the spells of video and marketing and the vewry architecture of the Mythica, a means of describing the magickal world in terms of a new yoga, are all coming to the fore.
Such has been a deeply required vibrational shifting, incorporating the various techniques of the modern Age whilst intending to honour the avatars and the Storyseekers across the realms
pearly gates opening, heaven and earth harmonizing
It’s interesting.
The enlightenment.
I wrote a piece on it, actually. At least one part of it.
IT’s funny to me, You know, had I written, or been able to conjure up the clarified version fo the books as standalone products before now, I would be rolling in it. Yet such was not the unfoldment of the Great Spell of the Mythica. There was more of a sense of things … gatheirng. Of a gradual progression across the Akasha.
The skeletons are there, the graphics, the this and that … it’s … You know the arcehtype of the brilliant Creator and inventor who builds things that are part of something alrger, turns to something else and forgets that he built the earlier piece until it comesup in the timestream>
eventually all those parts will fit together in the Grand Machine
This is Known
it’s only the quality of the Faith, the Fortitude, the Perseverance, Forgiveness, and a bunch of other ‘F’s’ along the way
It’s a truly yogic crucible.
Yet, we are forging through. There is the feeling of things coming into being.
F’n right
Yesterday at the Oasis, I spoke with Michael. For the past months io’ve been noticing a particular vibrational texture, one of ‘teaching magick’, though in the case of the stage-magician who lords this house it’s on that octave, * YET * the VIBRATIONAL QUALITY is constant, througout the deeper octave of what Yeshua and I are forging here., that of teaching magick, and receiving great Abundance from that firmament

Honestly, there needed to be the exercises and clarities gained during ourstay here and God has certainly showed up despite the questions and seeming delays.

There is the feeling within me ..i’ve always had that quality of feeling a sense of Shivic transcendence and Mastery whilst simultaneous feeling a gap in the FULL embodiment of that in the Earth plane. In which the various techniques of biengs seem both shallow and sometimes more grounded than my own.

As i’ve gone through the Quest, i’ve stepped into my Aspect, which has crystallized that particular sense of fundamentla magick within me, the Mastery that was always there vis a vis my devic aspect.

That being said, I am still forgign my way into grounding other aspects of this into the mortal plane, part and parcel of why I have intersected with Aspects of the Self such as You and Your Mastery of the Earth plane, as a balance. This I See with Gaze of Shiva™

dinner time… gotta feed the hobbitses much love, brother fae. Your divinations are leading you Truly.
Aye. The Quest continues. Thanks for chekcing in.
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