2018-4-3 – “Healing the Wound”

I go outside, intent on deepening the practices I must force myself to do in effort to clear the subconscious patterns that I know are the root of my circumstance.  I witness Yeshua outside, noble in his regular discipline of the same.  We make such a pair.  While I appreciate his honoring of me and the real aspects of enlightenment that I have attained, my reflection is most often a sense of respect and honour for him and the aspects of Self that he so deeply embodies.

Of recent, the beauteous Michael offered a reflection, that while I was the Lightning, the spark of incandescent and holy Fire that connects Heaven to the Earth, it is Yeshua’s tending of that Fire, that Earthen consistency that keeps the flame alit.  It is a witnessing I most appreciate, as I feel myself stepping into a deeper iteration of my Self’s evolution, honouring both that I am now an Elder in the mortal timeline of things *and* that I am humbly learning from my bright fellows on the Path.

Yeshua’s appreciation washes over me like a golden balm, and while it is not the nurturing touch of a longed-for femininity, it’s ambiance is felt.  In our interaction he recognizes the healing of his own wounds with the Divine Masculine, with his Voice and expression, the ancient distortions of perceived and received brotherhood clearing from our forms.  I am thankful for this.  To see that I have made noble impression on a noble soul is the validation that for all the ways in which I am still healing my own Self, I live up to my own expectations of virtue under the rigorous conditions of our shared Quest.

Truth told, the relationship with Yeshua defines me.  Pulls the formlessness of my Divine aspect into the shape it must be to fulfill the next steps on the Path.  I sense as what it would be to be a parent, one’s idea of Self shaped by the gravity of sacred responsibility, inspired to hold as much of a torchlight as one can through the Mystery of what it means to be human.  Were it not for Yeshua’s presence on the Quest, the proof of the Mythica, that we can forge our way across the landscape of the Akasha towards Heaven on Earth, would have only myself as a witness.

Deeper still I witness a defining archetype in the space between Yeshua and I.  That of the young mage and the grizzled adept, of the ‘Master’ and the ‘Pupil’ embodying the current vogue of that vibrational form upon the Incarnate plane.  And while I question the nature of that very definition in the equity of our Gifts to one another, still we have forged our way across the Akasha, intent on documenting our journey deeper into the Mythica – into the achievement of Heaven on Earth through passage across the vibrational terrain that is the true landscape of our heroic journeys.

Despite the many trials of this decades-long Quest, it could be said that I have gotten the very thing that I wished for, so many years ago.  To embody the real version of a magickal adventure, to live a life of excellent Story, filled with all manner of challenges met and treasures acquired, laying breadcrumbs for other seekers on the Path such that they too may know the landscape of their sacred Story.



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