2018-3-21 – The Magician’s Oasis

Things are always deeper than they appear on the surface of the Worlds. Even these scrawls in their infancy resonate with my soul. The longing to describe my journey to the center of the Self at last in right-ordinance with itself. The temple of Story that is the Mythica is created, and at last I may tell of my vantage on the Great Story. To present the travel-journal of my movement deeper into the realms of real magick.

All throughout my life I have lived in a. magickal World. Led by providence, I was blessed to study the subtle arts for many years in the mountains, traveling ever-deeper into the realms of what I came to call ‘The Mythica’. It. has been a journey of legendary archetype across the blossoming edge of the New Paradigm, amidst the Awakening of a cadre of Guardians driven to change the Worlds for the better.

I have always wished to share this. To *broadcast* this, across the threadlines of Story that weave us to One. To show what it means to travel deeper into the Worlds of real magick. To document that journey in pictures and prose, deepening into the embodiment of the modern myth. Inspired by such texts as ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ and other voyages extraordinaires, I longed to mark my passage deeper in the Mythica, leaving breadcrumbs for other adventurous souls to discover.

Such would be a witnessing, a yoga of Story that walked the rainbow road, scribing the journey into the magickal World. My own ‘Journey to the Center of the Self’.

It occurs in simplicity  as I look upon these updates, witnessing that I am what I set out to be, a mythic journalist sending transmissions from my wildwalk across the realms, documenting the journey to Heaven on Earth.

Such is a thing for which I am deeply thankful, in a manner that may only become clear in the evolution of these very writings., in which the dossier of these writings will mark the progression deeper into the Mythica, a  journal of adventure, the ongoing Quest into the deeper territories of the magickal World, mapping. out the realms of the Creation.  A cartography of the timeline across the subtle realms and the unhidden octaves of the rainbow bridge.

For me the journey of the Mythica is the road to one’s truest Self. About the waters of that access to one’s own clearest vintage. To settle into the Truth of one’s Heart’s Desire. Their intimate portrait of Self-knowledge revealed onto the World.

As we travel our own rainbow road, we move through the architecture of our own sacred Dreaming, parts of the Great Story of humanities unfoldment.  To map such a territory required the scaffolding of the Mythica, to allow the stream  of Mythos to bring a new Story to the World.


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