Everything happens for a Reason

There are certain Truths to the Universe that we may rely on.  That give us solace, when moving across the realms of our sacred Path.  Reminders that there is a greater purpose, one beyond our current horizon, that unfolds around us.  It is a balm comprised of equal parts Faith and Humility, in which we can accept that there is a larger reason for our circumstance and that we are not meant to perceive it.  Yet.

Such is a beautiful thing.  For it gives easement.  A constancy to help us move across the realms of shadow and substance.  The sense that there Something Going On.

As I have come to map the unfoldment, I have found such a thing to be True.  That not only does everything happen for a reason, it is a benevolent reason.  One that serves our evolution, that demands the revelation of the Gift that lay within us unto our Selves.  One that is intimately connected to the deeper, more intrinsic parts of our Self that we are learning to remember.  That assists our unfoldment, our seed blossoming to flower within the Garden.

Yet we often cannot see it, by virtue of where we are on our sacred journey.

Sometimes this is exhilarating.  There are times when we are clear.  Where we See the synchronicities, the arrangements, where we feel the texture of easement.  We Trust the Universe, there is a sense of being supported and ordained.  A comfort, in the roots of our being.

And sometimes it is terrible.  When we cannot see the purpose of a thing, when we are wracked by pain and sorrow.  Where there is deep suffering, in the Self.

It happens to all of us.  All the time.  We have only so much vantage over the deeper workings of our Story.  We ALL wonder, catching glimpses of the bigger picture that includes us all in moments of inspiration and clear.

Yet something IS happening.  And it is beautiful.  Wrought by the physics of our Quest.  It is a thing we can rely.  Things happen for a reason.  One that is necessary for our transformation and unfoldment, though such a thing is impossible to see in it’s Now.

This is not a thing of which I speak idly; For many years I strove to heal the defilements of separation from Source, clearing my way across countless realms to come to the Clarity that enabled me to wield the Mythica.  For a long time on the journey home I labored through doubt, through confusion, through anger, through disharmony and strange function.  I could not clearly see the pattern.  Could not clearly remember that things do work out, that there was actual reason for calmness.

Inside the experience, I could not see the bigger picture.

In many ways, I built the Mythica as the lighthouse She is, to prove that very thing.

That everything happened for a reason.  * AND * that is was a benevolent one.  A Loving Reason.

That ALL the Characters, all the circumstance, all the trials and triumphs of our lives are part of something much larger, much grander, in which our evolution plays a crucial part.  In which we are on a grand adventure.  Not always easy, not always hard.  But always a legend.

It’s up to us to come to grips with that.

To live our adventure as it is meant to be lived, authentically going through the transformative experiences that lead us to the depths of our personal myth.  To the greater revelation of our sacred Story.


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