2018-2-4 – Clearing the Way

About the video – In this LIVE update from the Quest, I go into the various techniques that I use to transform my reality and their relationship to the journey deeper into the Mythica and the embodiment of Heaven on Earth.

Such was inspired by a deeply magickal day in which I receive my beloved laptop and go on an adventure with Michael Welsh into the realms of Las Vegas, a strange glitterscape of neon lights and extravagance far, far removed from the radiant fields of the deva that I have spent much of my magickal journey within.  Yet such is where the Quest has led us, and for this I am grateful.  As the Mythica opens and we are receiving subscriptions which honour our bright crusade to document the journey to the Brightlands of Heaven on Earth, both Yeshua and I are encountering the vibrational patterns within our own Selves that define our outer experience, continuing to charge the line with valorous intent and ever-increasing devotion to removing the debris from our Path that must be dissolved to step deeper into the Golden realms of Abundance and Grace.

Holding one’s vibrational tone is such a subtle thing.  Recently, after many months of process, the clouds cleared.  I was able to See that Yeshua and I were in fact in the manifestation of what we had asked the Universe for.  We were in a house, with internet, with food, money, and the publishing of the Mythica.  In each other’s noble reflection, we had the fellowship and community that we longed for.  In the flush of Ideas that were coming through and the subsequent clarification of our personal sites within the much larger Mythica network, we were in Victory.

Recognizing such things is integral to manifesting a brighter experience, for it goes beyond imagining what we want.  It is instead actually realizing that we already have it, and to get to this vibrational pattern of authentic recognition is a bright victory in and of itself.  Before this recent clearing of the shadows upon our lens of perception, we were bemoaning what seemed like a lack of the thing we wanted, gradually coming to realize the Truth once again, that God is Good, and we are simply in the process of clearing our lens such that we may See and embrace the Goodness that is our birthright.



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