It is strange, at first, to awaken without the normal habit of building the Mythica.  Driven by the intention to create this platform to provide recognition of the deeper magicks of our emergent World for the People, such has been driving focus for many years, eventually resulting in the particular enlightenment which is my offering to the Collective.

It is not a total shift as I still have my iPad and iPhone.  An intuition leads me to an email from Mindvalley, which features the “monk who trained Dr. Strange for the movie”.  Honouring Sarah Snow’s idea to find Joy despite the absence of the hearthfire and connection, I witness the video, presented HERE.  In it, the monk speaks of ‘making friends with one’s discomfort’, adjusting one’s approach to the minutia of events happening during one’s aspirations to meditation.  Such an adjustment is, for me, the application of the subtle asanas, the changing of one’s posture or stance on the subtle level which defines one’s results.

Similar, the appearance of the video, like Sarah’s presentation (which I give respect to for her attainments, a thing I do lightly bestow) is a proof of the physics of the quest, that the vibrational quality that is necessary for our next phase of development appears in the right-moment.

As we continue on the Quest for Heaven on Earth, both Yeshua and I continue our work in the Life Visioning – Manifestor consciousness techniques.  As well, we are doing regular Forgiveness meditations and kundalini kriyas to clear the subconscious of it’s imprints in order to be able to See and receive the Goodness and Abundance that is our birthright from a benevolent Universe.  The process appears to be working as we continue to receive Ideas about how to present the Mythica and have at last gotten the subscriptions dialed, all signs of movement forward.  With the main site dialed and the Author’s writings honoured, we at last have a meanst to receive regular income for our efforts to showcase the avatars of the Emergent World and reveal the Akasha that links us all together.

Yeshua Lucis, Author of Into the Mythica

As I begin to offer the various avatars of the Collective the opportunity to show up, such becomes a stark definition of who actually follows through and who just presents a ‘like’ or a ‘heart’ or other shallow effort that requires no real investment.  And while in some ways this is disheartening, other beings show real nobility and recognition of our Value in arriving, proving the physics of the quest.  As with so many of the defilements that mar the lens of perspective of the real magickal octave of the World, Yeshua and I apply the spiritual techniques of Forgiveness in effort to clear our connection to the distortion of Value and thus allow the Abundance to flow through to us from channels that have redeemed the quality of Value within their own Selves.


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