2018-1-30 – Part 2 – Rancor with the Root

Inspired by Oliver’s example, I do a live video on facebook.  Note to my hardcore fans, it’s about half an hour long and I repeat my grievance throughout.  I accept that it was like that, for such is the nature of the wound. Such was the authentic expression which then leads to the next stage of the Quest.  It wasn’t pretty or inspirational, yet it is What Is and I accept that.  For my Readers,this means don’t judge yourself for what you’ve said or done, for it is all perfect, and serves a pattern much larger than our individual Self.

All throughout this plane of existence beings are healing the distortion of scarcity.  Scarcity of Love, scarcity of support, of finance, of health, wholeness and more.  In remedy, beings are realizing the deepest and most causal form of empowerment is the transition from one state of being to another.  Whatever we call this alchemy, whether we label it the ‘Law of Attraction’, ‘Surrender’, ‘Manifestor consciousness’, ‘Being in the Flow’ or whatever, is fundamentally the same – We are striving to figure out the way to change our circumstance on the most causal level.  To purge the shadows within our DNA so as to step into the higher frequency of our being.  And while this is easy to say, it is the most challenging thing in the Universe to DO, for to shift from one state of being to another, from rancor to Joy, from sadness to Bliss and other inspired exaltations of Self, means getting through the grit, the sediment, the as-yet-unprocessed wounds and sadness that lay atop our natural exuberance and finding some way, ANY way, to clear that, such that we may actually experience those states of being.

Graell Corsini

As I finish the video, both Graell Corsini and Sarah Snow connect with me, each of them avatars in their own right.  Through Graell, I feel the ancient textures of the Green and the Fae, the fecund and fertile dance of the priestess and the everwhen of beloved Avalon (my home).  In her gracious and vulnerable sharing I find resonance, in the valorous transcription of her own trials and the constant invocation of Gratitude as a remedy I hear at least a whisper of the Fellowship I long for.

Sarah Snow

Soon after, Sarah Snow calls me.  I can feel the sublimity of her, the enduring white blanket of her immanent Grace.  Ours is an alchemy of shared Divinity, each having been tempered by the trials of the mortal plane.  In the grand alchemy of our embodied Divinity, She is the Kali to my Shiva, and I afford her the intimacy I would a Lover, allowing her words and emanation to penetrate me without defense.  And while it hurts me to feel the Love and nurturing she receives from the community in contrast to my own deep frustration at the absence of same, still the waft of her scent cools me, snowfall on the Fires of my burning Heart.

Such is a proof of the physics of the quest, that the appropriate avatars appear in the field when we need them.  Citing my intro to this post, if I had not presented the video, I wouldn’t have been Graced by their voices or the soothing Femininity of their embodiment.

With bright intention Sarah speaks to me, offering the idea that if I were to find Joy for the experience, it would be a superior stance in manifestation.  In my Heart, touched by her soft clarity, I know she is right.  As I myself quote in Mythica Academy, the subtle asana of Gratitude and of Joy, the very things these bright Goddesses appear to remind me of, are more aligned with God’s True nature and thus more capable of receiving the Abundance that is our birthright.  She then suggests something else, that perhaps it would behoove me to “let go” of the Idea of the Mythica, and allow a new revelation or opportunity to arise through God’s largesse.  I counter with the declaration that I have received no other initiative from the Divine than to map out the very nature of the heroic journey for the planet.  Yet, I do not dismiss Sarah, for she has appeared in perfect synchronicity in the moment, and make plans to set renewed intention, and to see if such has any bearing on the compass of my guided navigation across the realms of the Akasha.

As You know, beloved Readers, I am not in the habit of pretending happiness when I am upset.  Of pretending like “it’s all Good” when my Heart feels broken and the root chakra feels disconnected from the mortal plane.  Such is now, and has been for the last few decades, my greatest challenge coming here from the planes of Heaven to deliver the Gift of the Mythica.  To have Joy for the nigh-endless disappointment, to force Gratitude for feeling unreceived, is no small task.  And while I recognize that I am in bright Service through the suffering, it is far, far easier to generate Joy for the experience when the fundamental connection in the root is met.

Yet despite this, I am stalwart in the logging of the journey, for such is the magick of the Mythica.  To show the very real human journey and the physics of the Quest which underlie our circumstance.  I do this in effort for more than myself, to prove to the People (*and* myself) that despite what things seem to be, despite the constant maintenance of our attitude towards our experience, God is Good, and we are supported.

The Gene Keys – A truly revolutionary system of Divining our sacred Path

As I close out the night, Sarah sends me a track from my beloved allies of Entheo, ambassadors of the currently vogue system of divination known as the  Gene Keys.  It is apropos, as Richard Rudd’s voice plays over the music, citing the nature of Stories. He speaks of the innocence, the trials, and the atonement, and I Hear him.  I hear the Mythica, echoing back to me.  The grand heroic journey that I have taken on in God’s service, to heal and transmute the suffering such that the transformation may occur. Yet even as I absorb this, I recognize that Sarah, that Graell, that Amma Li and Theo (the artists of Entheo) have been enjoying the flush of prana of a supportive network while I have been facing the constant temperance of God’s relentless ordinance.   I don’t like it, it isn’t pleasant, and I have been alone for so very, very long.  Wandering the desert while so many other Aspects are enjoying the flush of prana and support of loving community.  Not for the first time, I wonder how well they would fare if placed in similar circumstance, denied the most basic warmth of a hearth fire, demanded to put together the pieces of a shattered mirror across a landscape of absent Love.  And while I recognize that such temperance IS the very yogic attainment demanded to embody the discernment that is my siddhic virtue *and* the nature of the Quest itself, to find Joy at the denial of my Heart’s Desire is perhaps the most difficult magick of all.


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