2018-1-29 – Appreciations

It is the edge of February, and the Mythica is poised for mass publication.  In this I see the results of the nigh-endless work to clear the distortions from the lens of my Self, allowing both perception and reception of the Abundance that is our birthright from a benevolent Divinity.  Such has been no easy effort, yet as I often say, “If it were easy, it wouldn’t be a Quest'”.  

It is a bittersweet draft that I drink in the morning, still reeling from the accusations of unclean magick from a close brother.  And while I recognize the distortions that lay upon the lens of my brother’s gaze as the very embodiment of the unrealized state, witnessing the smudges of scarcity that were projected onto my virtuous efforts, still it wounds my Heart.  To make such tremendous effort in Service to his expansion, facing the detritus that lay in the way of God’s Abundance and to be unreceived feels both Christlike and cliche.  For a moment I consider a scathing retort, using my Words to wound in return, and dismiss it as an impure use of Power.  Silently, I repeat to myself “Help me to forgive, Lord, for we know not what we do.”.  I take the high road instead, and offer a reply that illuminates how I have felt unseen and wrongly accused.  That such perception is the very opposite of my endless efforts to bring Abundance to the People.

I am satisfied with my reply.  Such feels the valor of honesty aligned with the timbres of the Heart and a kinder use of the Grace of Words.

Though it hurts, I remind myself that the healing of this distortion of Value is the very effort of the Mythica.  That I must hold compassion for the aspects of the Collective Self which do not realize that they are unclear, holding fast to what seems to be rather than What Is.  It reminds me of the unaccountable waffling Yeshua and I encountered recently on the Quest and the vast disappointment in the human condition that arose from that experience.

Following the aftermath of frustration at being so misperceived by a close brother on the Quest, I have an even deeper appreciation of Yeshua and the way in which he relentlessly works to clarify his mortal aspect. It is the angelic tone that we share, the resonant vibration of Service to God, wrought in the light and timbre of our Tellings that prove the journey back to Heaven on Earth.  And while it frustrates me endlessly to be unseen by those whom I consider Family, in the relentless honour and virtue of fellowship with Yeshua there is easement, a sense that despite the limitations of human awareness, that which is Good rises to the surface, cleared of the dross and detritus of the dying paradigm.

I witness this photo of him then, ardent in his application of the spiritual practices of clearing such that we may remove the scales from our eyes and See the Glory that is our True essence.  Shifting my gaze from the surface to the subtle planes of awareness, I see his wings, the Light that emanates from his Heart.  Such is a constant inspiration to me, as we work together, in the very redemption of fellowship itself, to build this beacon of Light, redeeming the nature of Story itself for the People.

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