On the Mythica – Access Granted

Writings different for me now.  After many years of building the Mythica, I finally feel like I can stretch my voice.  That I can talk about things the way they really are for me, because I haven’t just spoken of them, i’ve proven them, in the annals of the Mythica.  If, once upon a time I told people I went to school for magick, or that I was sent here for a Purpose, to bridge the awareness of the People into the new paradigm of humanity (along with a legion of other guardians and incarnate champions), they could have dismissed it.  Settling back into the dim amnesia that defines most of the human condition at this time.

Not so any longer.  For fifteen years I labored to prove my journey into the realms of myth and magick, to prove the nature of the siddhic (yogic superpowers) Gifts that are our birthright, to show the People of the Commonwealth the much deeper octave that lay beyond their current horizon, and to honour the Characters that, like me, are part of the emergent consciousness of the planet.  Now, for the first time, with the Mythica constructed, I feel like I can breathe.  To sing my true song to the Sky.

Make no mistake, building the Mythica was no joke.  She’s an architecture of the finest materials, an Idea made of the bravest and most consistent of efforts, a grand orchestra of Service to God in the form of Story.   A way of showcasing my own Story, and that of * others * , inside a network which reframes the very defintion of Value and reveals the magickal World that is our sacred birthright.  She is, in all ways, the exaltation of Story, a grand spell of bardic honourific of the People, revealing the angel which lay within the clay of our human condition waiting ot be set free.  She is a portal, to a new dimension of being, itself.

She is a World.  A map of ALL Worlds, with the yoga to back it up … going into the very firmament of what manifests our various iterations of form and dharmic Purpose.  She illuminates the nature of the Quest, and the Physics of the Quest, to help beings to See that which has, for so many years, lay outside the shallow horizons of the previous paradigm.  Moreso, she showcases the other avatars, beings of great virtue and accomplishment like the Guardian Alliance, the Awakening Sovereignty Collective, the architects of the Source network and many, many others, all born and destined to be the harbingers of the new Age of humanity.

I was disgruntled, You see.  With the old paradigm of media, which occurred for me as a shallow, greed-driven tool of propaganda, tearing at the very Heart of Stories.  Spreading Ideas that did not serve the People, but rather led them down corridors of disenfranchised confusion.  Where the nature of broadcast, which could have been used to Remind, instead was used to make us forget.  It was a dark spell, a fell voice upon the airwaves, and I would not have it.  Humanity deserved better that that.  They deserved a Better Story, one of Hope, one of Virtue, and of Truth.

Enter the Mythica.  A broadcast platform showcasing the REAL magick of the World.  Illuminating the nature of the yoga of awareness, the nature of Self, and the great synchrony, the Atlas of Stories that linked us all together.  A fifteen year project that required my own enlightenment to bring to the People, in service to the Divine that lay within us all.

At long last, she is ready.  I know it for my Words emerge, breathing out from the platform I have labored to develop.  Before this moment in time, I did not have access, did not have the fullness availed to me that the Mythica promised.  Yet now, as humanity at last begins to Awaken to her grand potential, the doors of perception open.  The Mythica shimmers, a beacon in the darkness, spreading light onto the Worlds.  The Words flow, the doorway forged at last.  In the words of my fellow avatar of change Amateo Ra, “Access granted.”


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