Bhajan Akal Singh


As I awaken and open my laptop to scrawl the night’s divinations, a prosperity meditation arises in the field by Gaia Oakhem, one of the kundalini avatars of the City of Angels.  Such parallels the deepening into that style of yoga occurring within my local reality in the form of Samson’s, Yeshua’s and my movement into same.  Such is realmsign to me, a vibrational quality appearing in the field of my experience relative to my current movement on the rainbow road.  As I pull my vantage outwards, gazing upon the sequence of events on my timeline, I see that it is a deeper iteration of the pattern that was initiated during the ‘The Royal Yogas’ episode of the Journey Home when I encountered Bhajan Akal Singh at the Pyramids of Chi on the Island of the Gods in the autumn of 2017 – Love thy Self.

In the context of the journey across the realms of the Akasha, the quality of vibration that plays out as ‘kundalini yoga’ on the surface perception of awareness started when I first encountered the avatars Keval Bliss and Bhagvant Khalsa in the shire of Ashland during 2009 – Faerie Roads.

Keval Bliss

While at the time I had not yet deepened into my understanding of the causal vibrations underlying the surface of our experience, both of these fine beings would hold a deep space of fellowship and nobility for me across the journey, with priestess Keval eventually granting both North and myself sanctuary in the radiance of the Ark temple in the dawn of 2016 – The Sword in the Stone.

Such is the nature of the physics of the quest, our movement across the underlying landscape of our lives.  As I have moved from Shadow further along the Brightlands of the rainbow road, I have encountered the appropriate manifestations to aid me on my Quest, vibrational qualities taking the form of People and circumstance on my sacred Path.

I consider some of the aspects of kundalini yoga in reference to our current circumstance.  Money is required, not in the small amounts of life-support that have occurred through donation and providence, but an ongoing flush of regular income, embodying the healing of what I perceive as the systemic issue of alignment with Abundance moving through the Commonwealth.  As with virtually all forms of healing, kundalini yoga works with clearing the subconscious patterns within the Self that prevent our access to the Goodness and constant emanation of God’s endless giving.  Such is both deeply necessary and the ongoing charge of Yeshua and myself to transform, thus allowing us consistent access to the ideas and inspirations that will move us forward on the Quest.

I do not doubt the Value of the Mythica.  Nor do I question the essence of my attainments.  The very form of the Mythica and the many testimonials of the healings I have provided for the People are proof of both.  There is the recognition of the nobility in the aspiration, to document the proof that God is Good, that health, Abundance and wholeness are our very birthright, and that we are, in this changing Age, in the virtuous process of clearing out the distortions that lay within the matrix of our Selves such that we may receive those blessings through a clarified lens.

It is always about access.  Clarity as to the minutia of whom to contact for subscriptions, of what to work on next, of what other aspects of the subconscious must be cleared in order to receive such inspirations from God’s largesse.  As Yeshua and I shared in yesterdays shared episode from the Quest, there is the recognition that in order to receive such things, we must continue to clear, such that the intuitions and guidance of our next movement do not flicker, but rather emanate in bright constancy, moving us along the rainbow road ever-deeper into the realms of Abundance and Heaven on Earth.

The Magickal McBride

A vision comes to me as I sit in the vibrations of this mansion of magic, that I should contact my fellow champion of Awakening, Jeff McBride.  Like the owner of this beautiful house, McBride is a deeply successful stage magician, yet such is merely the surface of the Grace that his avatar brings to the material plane.



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