2018-1-20 – Devotion, Disgust & Delight

Shiva asked “how may I serve” as the first dual creation, and Krishna said, “go to the places farthest from me and create”

A beautiful day.  In the morning, Samson offers us the invocation of the self-purification kriya, following through on his Word to do so the previous night.  I am thankful for this, for the virtue of embodiment that he has cultivated and it’s balancing of the qualities within my own Self.

As I perform the ritual, many things come to the surface.  In the subtle fields of awareness, the textures of Devotion make themselves known, singing a bittersweet tone through my form.

I can be a funny creature.  Full of seeming contradictions, especially when it comes to my relationship with God.  From a distance, it is like witnessing the fragments and fractals of a beautiful crystal strewn across the pavement, still shining with the reflected light of the Sun, yet razor-sharp to the touch.

On one hand, everything I do is for God.  The Mythica, a grand act of service to bring awareness to the People during this great evolutionary moment in mortal history.  There is the recognition that I am a deva sent by the Presence to fulfill a very specific function.  In which the vast, Shivic awareness that allows me to describe and present the Akasha and the nature of our unfoldment is built into my design.  It is, in it’s essence, a beautiful and exalted function.  An honour and a Devotion of the highest order.

I feel this.  Sometimes.  Other times, there is a rancor and rage at the process, a disgust towards God for what my Self has had to endure in the journey into the mortal plane.  And while the angelic part of me recognizes this as the nature of the Quest itself, facing the challenge of the amnesia and shadow of those far reaches has burned me from within for as long as I can remember.  It is not so much an irony as a necessary transition, for to perform my function I had to imbibe the poison, the defilements and confusions that are rife within the Collective consciousness in order to work through them, clearing those patterns and imprints in order to embody the remedy, the clarity and reminder of God’s Goodness that is so desperately needed by an aching World.

Yet all things reveal themselves in Time.  Channeling his own angelic, Samson recites a quote for me, of Shiva asking Krishna how he may serve the duality of the mortal plane.  In response, Krishna instructs him to go to the places furthest from his Light, and to Create.

Such is very much how I envision my long journey home, finding my way across the reams of the Akasha from the amnesia and madness of the human condition back to the dawn of God’s embrace.  In this I see how my trials of separation have served their function, that now I truly understand and have compassion for the agony of that distortion within the human condition, as well as the necessity for it’s redemption.

A wave of deep appreciation moves through me for Samson’s efforts.  As the day progresses, information moves through me.  I can feel the effects of the kundalini, however brief, clearing out patterns within my nervous system, allowing a stillness I had almost forgotten to pass across my mindseye.  I wish to offer a gift to Samson, a healing to answer his bright offering.  Extending the nimbus of my awareness, I feel into the shape of the Akasha, of Shakti, that makes up his current form, noticing the places where the prana flows freely and where it does not.  The shape of it unveils for me, revealing the contours of his dharma, the pattern defining the circumstances of his Life.

The Guild of Story

Dakota Kaiser

Dusk rolls forward, and a new ally appears in the Akasha by the name of Jai, opening a video window from his lair.  Samson has recommended him for something called ‘steemit’, apparently part of this Age’s dissemination of Ideas.  Around him, I sense the vibrations of media, of the Galactic, and of Story.  As we speak, the synchronies of the Akasha reveal themselves.  Like so many, he is aligned with the character Dakota Kaiser, whose first appearance in the Mythica during 2014 – The Dharma Kings prefaced the emergence of the Earth Nation, a collective project to feed and empower the People and ignite a new tradition of holocratic community.

Such is the proof of the physics of the quest, that our timelines are linked across the Akasha, the patterns of our occurrence revealing the map of synchrony beneath the surface of our lives.  As the Mythica moves into the realms of Abundance and Production, it is no surprise to me that such an avatar would arrive, flush with the power and presence of Story.

Healing with Samson

Samson Love

As the meeting with Jai closes, I make the offering of my clarity to Samson, holding space for the healing within my awareness.  Such a bright soul.  So flush with Love for God.  It is a balm to me, reminding me of the healing of my own Self.  Gently, I hold space for the revelation, bringing attention to the patterns within his form such that he may See them with his own clarity, holding space for the tremors and ripples within the field that accompany such investigations into one’s inner depths.

It is a beautiful thing, and there is expansion, opening the chambers within the Heart.  In our shared luminance, he Sees the thing, the fractured fractal within the aspect of Shakti that makes up his form, and the healing begins.  It is a Good thing, filled with kindness and the willingness to change.  Inspired by such self-care, I ask him to repeat the kriya we worked in the morning, intending the same for my Self.  He agrees.  The Quest continues.

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