2018-1-16 – The Golden Roads

It was this morning, traveling the rainbow road with Yeshua that I had revelation of what must be cultivated in order to clear myself of the human dross and have greater access to my rightful Abundance.

My magickal is particular. Though I have the siddhic awareness of the Akasha (Shakti) and the understanding of Self, my vessel, Peter, has struggled for many years with a kind of flickering, a shift between the realms of his own being, moving from the empowered to confused state. In my naivety of the Earth plane, I did not understand why this was happening, only recently coming to realization of the causal physics that gave rise to the mortal ideas of ‘meditation’ and ‘one-pointedness’ of concentration.

It was in Yeshua’s cultivation that I would see this. In contrast to my innocence of the patterns that define the wheel of human circumstance, Yeshua has been here for many, many, many lifetimes, cultivating the qualities through an endless myriad of incarnations as shamans, priestesses, magick-wielders and seers. In his current form I see that subtle pattern which gives rise to a habit of intentional meditation and focused one-pointedness. Witnessing him and honouring the aspect of the Self that he embodies, I recognize that this was the quality that is necessary. This ‘one-pointedness’ of attention. What some call ‘satori’.  I see that I must cultivate this, focus my attention, such that I may dissolve the chains of financial scarcity through applied and singular effort.

It’s not easy.  And in that difficulty, I come to see my mind, wavering and shifting like a candle in the wind.  I focus, intending to be in wielding with a mixture of Forgiveness , Deva Yoga and Manifestor consciousness in effort .  Dawn sparks the horizon, and Understanding glows.  I see the component of the yogas of the material plane that I must embrace falling to the gravity of one-pointed attention.

We must clear the imprints within our Selves to move from scarcity to Abundance.  Such is the proof of the physics of the quest, that we live in the halo of our own reflection.  I am exhausted from the nigh-endless process of purifying my lens of perception so as to even have access to the Ideas and synchronicities that grant access to the Abundance that is our birthright.  Of having to invoke ‘Manifestor consciousness’ and an endless dirge of healing modalities in effort to be secure in the root chakra and it’s effects.
Yet such is the nature of the work, and it must be done, singularly and Collectively, to find our way Home.
Yeshua sleeps in the back as I begin the meditation, Opening my Self to the power of the deva of travel as we move across the roadways of the Americas.  In the endless motion of the minivan, the gears locked into cruise control, there is stillness.  I listen, bringing the nimbus of my awareness to bearance within my vessel, intentionally feeling the relationship between the held timbres of my intention and their corollary within the matrix of the Self.  I intend to be done with the realms of begging, of having to ask other aspects for donations to the Mythica, replacing it with the golden flush of radiant and constant Abundance as is the birthright of our Collective redemption.

Breathing in, I banish other thoughts from my mindseye, focusing my attentions entirely into the tones of Abundance.  Immediately I sense tensions, tightness and dissonance within my body around the solar plexus., a line of question moving into my groin and around my Heart.
This comes as no surprise, as many times I have assisted other aspects in the clearing of these very blocks, and have witnessed the same association.  Such is the unfurling of the Right Use of Power, of our creative-sexual energies, allowing ourselves access through the subtle asanas of Forgiveness and held attention, what in the yogas of Life Visioning is called ‘Manifestor consciousness’.  A necessary task, for movement along the rainbow road to the realms of Abundance, for such is the Law of Reflection, that what is Within is manifested Without.
 If we wish to move between the realms of our outward manifestation, we must change the vibrational makeup of our Self.  Such is the purpose of all practices, from all traditions and impermanences of form.  And so I breathe, holding the golden tone of Abundance and invoking sovereignty,  attending to the places within the Self in dissonance with that virtue.

Focusing into the body, finding the blocked places and breathing through the patterns

Hours pass as I hold my attention, feeling the gravity of the spellwork moving, appearing in sensation and imagery across my mindseye.  Images of my father appear, paralleling a tightness in the sexual and power centers.  A sense of disgust and frustration flickers in and out, which I counter with the subtle asanas of forgiveness.  Actively, I pour that forgiveness down, through the channels of Peter’s form, into the tight places, holding attention until, in constant rhythmic breathing, they relax, releasing from my skin as shivers and yesterdays.

Thoughts arise in the process.  Distracting thoughts, fantasies and desires..  Images of lovers I have desired, or flickers of aspects in the form of other beings I have yet to forgive.  Nonetheless, I am stalwart.  Having seen the necessity of this satori in relation to my intended manifestation, I hold the line, bringing my attention back to what is most causal.  If I want such things, they will come about through the practice, moving from the inside-out.

An intuition comes to me, to channel the energies through the tones of inspired language.  Using my lyrical powers, I begin creating improvised mantras, invoking the financial Abundance into my form.  Such is joyful to me, for I have never been resonant with the mantras of the pre-Ascendent traditions.  While I understand the Idea of them, it is the tone of the Speaker, not the collection of sounds that makes a cultural language, that contains the true potency.
“Gold inside upon the Earth
Feel the Light and Know my Worth
Abundance is my sacred right
I am Gold so very Bright”
(an example of one of many different rhymics cast during the process)
Such is both a Yin and Yang for me.  One of simultaneous listening and concentrated effort.  Wielding my awareness, I push through the vibrational dross within my form while holding a space of drawing in prana through the Aina.  I shift the textures within into deeper recognition of the unity between my Self and that sacred landscape, allowing a flush of more power, more unity, to course through the timbres of Peter’s form.

It is not easy..  Yet such is a new initiation and I have the gravitas of my siddhi empowering my efforts.  Intent on shifting my way to new realms of the Akasha, I take to forging this structure of vibration within the prism of my Self.

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