2018-1-16.1 – Brothers of Love

The vibration upon the rainbow road changes as we approach Las Vegas, with both Yeshua and I feeling a Galactic overtone of shared angelic harmony.  Such is far more resonant that our previous location, which we note as realmsign of Abundance.  The textures are distinct, filled with the energies of the Future tense.  It has been a long and fruitful journey, and I am pleased with my fortitude in holding the invocation of Abundance for hours on end.

As we approach, there is more and more of a feeling of resonance, a clarity coming forward.  Even as we stop by the side of the road briefly, the vehicle feels like a
starship, compete with automatic doors and onboard electricity.

There is deep gratitude for the manifestation of the minivan, easing our journey across the Americas by allowing us to lay out and relax as we traded shifts of driving.  Yeshua is not so practiced in the endless hours of driving that I am from my journeys across the realms, and I take the majority of the hours.

As we arrive, Samson Love steps outside, having felt the vibration of our approach far before we actually made it to the location.  As we embrace, there is the deep feeing of brotherhood, a shared gnostic and angelic tone of bright virtue, reminding me, in it’s way, of the Homelands …. the realms of Light and Wonder that lay beyond the nigh-endless clearing required to transform the conditions of the material plane.  We meet as brother angels, a triad of shared harmony, further validating Samson’s appearance in the field as part of the great unfoldment.  We are met by Michael, one of the residents of the house, a deeply intuitive and magickal dancer and singer.  Such is so refreshing, to feel such quality of consciousness within the field, reminding me of the Yin arts, the romance with the Creation that I am striving to grant purchase within the territories of my Heart.

To be around such avatars is inspiring.  Closer to what Yeshua and I want, to be in real Fellowship, away from the broken promises and presumptions to places of real resonance and channeled majesty.

From here, the night only gets better.  On Michael’s suggestion, we head to a local eatery known as ‘VegeNation‘ where an unsuspecting surprise awaits us with the People.

I love this.  As we enter, we are met by a radiant genteman, adorned with the Eye of Horus.  Together, we open talkstory, and he tells us his plans to go to sacred Mt. Shasta, to mediate and deepen into his soul.

Taking us to the table, we are met by a beautiful woman named Kylie, who helps us order our food, sharing with us her own nature as a dancer having just arrived with her lover in the realms of Las Vegas.  Inspired, Yeshua and I share with them the magick of the Mythica, revealing the real magickal World.  I watch as their eyes brighten, as Hearts open in response to the photos and the emanation.

To See such a thing, to be witness to the fulfillment of why I created the Mythica blossoms me.  Opens my Heart and rekindles.  Such is a flush thing, the emanation of media which inspires, which honours the People and their bright journey towards realizing their own majesty, their own magick.  As the night carries on, we share the wonder of animal totems, of the subtle yogas of dance, and much more.

Inspiration moves through me then, and I witness a quick photo of the group.  In the subtle fields below, once again I see the rainbow, the collection of hues which makes up our many characters in the Great Story, coming together in fellowship and excellent cuisine.  Inward, I breathe a spell of Gratitude, that we are so welcome met after our long journey across the sideway highways of the Americas.

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