2018-1-15 – The Golden Roads

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As the Mythica moves to open to the Commonwealth, Yeshua and I go deep into the processes of clearing the defilements within the Self that create one’s circumstance. Recognizing that as we change the inner landscape our outer landscape reflects this, we move along the rainbow road, witnessing the energies of the realms of the Akasha moving in parallel to our journey across the Americas.

It is a challenging process, as the breaking of the Agreement which demanded our movement forward strikes a bitter chord in each of us, causing reflection on the wounds of Fellowship and Trust in the virtue of beings we have encountered flares within our Selves.  Though it is not lost on us that God’s plan is constant in it’s perfection, there is still the very human process of facing the heartache and disappointment of having to hold space for the distortions of integrity that plague the Commonwealth at this time.

To focus on what has been has value only as long as it helps to process and resolve.  As we drive, I witness the anger towards this reflecting across the many threads of the Akasha, a systemic wound in the Collective consciousness that must be dissolved to move forward into the greater realms of Abundance.

In the web beneath the World, such plays out as the movement through the imprints within our own Selves, that which we share with others and the redemption that moves through the Commonwealth in this changing time.

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Energies flare within us as we travel, the subtle landscape mirroring our personal process, as we move to forgive and hold space for the defilement of honour that is a broken promise.  It is an olde wound for both of us, repeating in our conversation in ongoing resolve.  As we move through it, we consider … feeling into the sense of cleanliness, of glowing righteousness and the purity of that perspective gained through our own holding of Agreements.  Frustration with the circumstance gives rise to a compassion for beings who cannot see the agitation in the clarity that come from the breaking of one’s Word.

It saddens me.  On the surface, it was a minor thing.  Yet in the depths, neither Yeshua nor I felt met.  We offered clarity and the opportunity to admit one’s error, granting examples from our own tales such to move the error to resolve, yet to no avail.  Such is not the first time I have had to invoke the subtle asana of Forgiveness to tolerate the patterns of our communal healing.  Deeper still there is sorrow, for I recognize that until beings clear up their patterns, until they atone and forgive, the patterns continue.  It is not a judgment, per se, yet a sense of the causality of the energies that lay beneath the surface of things.  Virtue matters, affecting our Abundance and the channels of our relationship with the Creation.


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