A Morning Frustration

The rage hits me first thing in the morning.  I don’t expect it, but perhaps I should.  Having not done my practices last night, it’s no surprise that the ancient rancor with the Earth plane rises, demanding process.

It can be so difficult to function when it hits.  Where every little thing annoys, every sound like nails on a blackboard, where the Questioning that sits behind the constant affirmations of Trust and being Present with the circumstances as they-have-been threatens to overwhelm the patches and fixes of my daily invocation of easement.

I should have done the practices last night to negotiate this, recognizing and remembering that this is what happens.  Yet I didn’t.  Even more annoying, the internet isn’t functioning, which directly affects all my progress forward and despite the laptop being taken in for repairs, continues to have issues with the keyboard.

Were we not in an ongoing situation of building the Mythica in effort to publish and receive donations and subscriptions without having to constantly beg for assistance, this would not be as frustrating.  Yet in this now, when Ideas are Abundant and beings are at last showing up, having the money dialed is the manifestation of the healing of the root chakra, that which has challenged me throughout my entire experience of the human plane.

It is the olde wound.  The inconstant landing-point in the Earth plane that has given me both tremendous challenge and benefit, repeating over and over .  In which I have struggled endlessly to heal the splinters within the Self such that I could bring the Gift of the Mythica to the Worlds in a manner that fit the current Age. As I have said many times before, if I had access to the creation of books and other media *before* the manifestation of the online site and the ongoing subscriptions to our Authors, I would have done so.  Yet such Ideas were denied me in constancy, lost in the swirl of God’s purposing for my avatar.  And while I have Faith, witnessing the benevolence of the unfoldment despite such long frustration, the desire for groundedness, the easement of  giving and receiving of Value through the Mythica, pulses like a red flare.

Yet I rally.  I breathe in, focusing into the techniques that I am demanded to do to transform the circumstance.  Reminding myself that God is Good, I consciously invoke the subtle asanas of Gratitude and Trust in effort to change my vibrational state and thus have more access and easement.

Paradox Pollack

Dakota Chanel

I remind myself that the subscriptions aspect of the Mythica feels more aligned than ever, that Yeshua and I are experiencing vast, vast expansions in the Ideas flowing through us, that such visionary avatars as Dakota Chanel, Samson Love, Kundra Rose and Paradox Pollack are arriving on the scene.  With the Mythica platform dialed and the Authorships moving forward, I can at last truly market outwards to the Worlds, revealing the majesty of the Akasha and our shared Stories.

Never before have the Ideas that were granted to me come through so clearly.  Never before have I felt the harmonic significance of the Mythica-as-network-of-real-magick in such firmness.  Things ARE changing.  With mine and Yeshua’s strength aligned to the task, the majesty of the rainbow road and our shared journey to the new paradigm takes root in the narrative.  And for this I am thankful.

Messengers from the Divine

I head to the local raw food eatery, ‘Delicious Raw’.  While there is concern over the flow of money, I will not sacrifice the wholeness of eating.  I must Trust that all things are unfolding perfectly, and that subscriptions honouring the Value of the Mythica will appear.  Using the internet in the hotspot, I continue the seemingly endless task of organizing the Journey Home for the consumption of the People.

As I sit, a woman comes over to me, drawn by my vibration.  Her name is Kathleen, and together with her husband Glen has set up a refuge for beings seeking guidance, channeling the Messages she receives from the Divine in the form of God’s endlessness that beings call ‘The Christ’.  While she declines a photo to document her appearance on the Quest and thus the proof of the Physics of the Quest and the Rules of the Road, I recognize it as such, the arrival of another Messenger, another being devoted to Service bringing forth the tones of Heaven on Earth in their ordained capacity, who recognizes similar within me as we intersect in the synchronicity of the Akasha.

The Burr Revealed

As I return to the house, Yeshua informs me that the being who offered us this place has broken their Agreement and is now asking us to leave 2 weeks early.  Such a thing agitates the long-standing question of being supported at the root chakra, of having a safe place to live and having the capacity to publish, all part of the rooted grounding into the Earth plane.  To be clear, it is not just about places to live.  It is about feeling connected, to the World Tree, giving and receiving Value, such that the offering of the Mythica is received and we receive compensation for our efforts, enough to pay for places to stay and move about doing our right duty.  Such is why we do the constant vibrational arts to transform the consciousness, thus allowing access to the Ideas and synchronicities which support that thing.

The Love of Samson

Yeshua and I walk, intending to process the frustration.  We remind each other that God is Good, and that all things follow the larger inertia of that Divine agenda.  That we have always been shown the next leg on the journey, proving the Rules of the Road.

It is frustrating to both of us, the abruptness of the change in Agreement feeling harsh upon our senses.  Together, we breathe through it, intentionally invoking the subtle asanas of Forgiveness while deeply considering how such things play out in the tabernacle of our concept of fellowship.  It is a difficult space, for while we are tremendously, deeply grateful for the generosity of our host, the way in which the Agreement was broken feels out-of-alignment with our sense of harmony.

Nonetheless the Quest continues.  As we process, an intuition comes through to contact Samson Love.  As we do, the deeper movement reveals itself, in which we see how Samson is deeply resonant with the magicks and purposing of the Mythica, ready to share his magicks and excellence through the medium.  We resonate deeply in the Galactic tones of our preference, and come to recognize that such is far, far more in harmony with our Nature than where we currently are.  Such proves to be yet another proof of the Rules of the Road and the Physics of the Quest.

As we deepen with Samson, plans are made to leave the Eastern coastline and rent a vehicle, making our way back West.

Saying Goodbye – A Dance of Deva

Yeshua and I return to the space, cleaning up our belongings.  Here, I ingest a bit of the ganja deva, intentionally aligning myself with the plant World.  It is a light adjustment to my consciousness, yet potent.  Breathing in deeply, I feel the textures of the plant spirits, the chorus of their voices offering sanctuary and vitality.  As I wanderwalk down to the beach to say my goodbyes to the Land, the magick opens, offering great healing and resonance which I then share in the late evening with Lady Dakota.






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