Reflections – Superman, Captain Marvel and the Power of Lightning

“Can’t go on … feel so old … so sick … fathers, I’ve failed you all … nothing left … nothing … can’t … die now … I won’t die … help me father… ummhhhh… help me… merciful ancestors….my hands…. information flooding in … from the Super-Sun …. regenerating the cellular damage … Great Krypton’s Ghosts!

My powers are returning! I made it to the 853rd century … with only minutes to spare! Up, up and away!”

 – Superman of the Future, written by Grant Morrison during the  D.C. One Million storyline

I always related with Superman.  A strange visitor from another planet, possessed of powers and abilities activated by the light of Sun, the light of God-Awareness and the embodied virtues that came from that attainment.  Beneath the surface form of the mythos, the elemental textures were that of the God of the Sun, of a being sustained through a natural connection to the Sun, which I alchemically related to the essence of God.

I also related with Captain Marvel, “Shazam”.  DC Comics has revamped the character with their latest reboot, yet the old version of Captain Marvel was pretty much like a magickal version of Superman, with some very important differences that were poignant along my Story.

Captain Marvel, a.k.a. Shazam – D.C. Comics

Unlike Superman, who had access to his powers all the time and masqueraded, fully powered, as Clark Kent, Captain Marvel’s alter ego was a young boy named Billy Batson, who only gained his powers through the invocation of a mantra, the word ‘Shazam”.  When the young Billy spoke, a bolt of Lightning would strike, filled with magickal energies, and he would be transformed into the mature and mystically charged Captain Marvel.

This resonated so deeply with me, for in my constant drifting between realms of being, I would flicker, on and off, with access to my powers.  To the magick that was my birthright.  I felt like Billy Batson in some parallel Universe where he could not control when he said the sacred Word ‘Shazam’, where he would shift between his empowered and disempowered state, seemingly at random.

I felt like this weird version of Captain Marvel, my Affinity with lightning, the flickering of my access, the on and off again of my consciousness …. yet I wanted to be Superman.  To have ACCESS, all the time.  To be free of the drifting between states of being.  In my own way, I wanted to speak the Word intentionally, once, and leave myself in the “ON” position.  To make the transition to that constancy of Self.

It was during the ‘Future Peak’ episode of 2015 – Union of the Kingdoms that the shifting of archetype, from the sometimes-empowered Billy Batson to the always-empowered Kal-el (a.k.a. Superman) would take place.  Where I would summon all the Shivic power I could, drawing strength from the lore that had shaped me as a childe to break through the Time Barrier, the comic book representation of the wall between the various times and Ages of the human condition.

In this, I should give some explanation.  From the attainment of vantage that has witnessed the nature of the Akasha and the unfolding of the Great Story through the Mythica, all times and incarnations are happening simultaneously.. There is a much deeper pattern, a causal weave of karma and circumstance that lay beneath the surface of awareness.  It is the structure of our causality hinted at in such visionary films as ‘Cloud Atlas‘, in which we recognize that our current forms are playing an archetypical part in a much, much larger Story.  What we do in this lifetime is causing and resolving patterns happening in other lifetimes, part of an unfoldment that lay beyond our current horizon.

While I recognized it as the deep awareness of yogic clarity, transcendent of time and space,  the lightning crashing on me in uncertain waves, shifting me from one realm to another of my own potential Self prevented me from doing what needed to be done to create the Mythica.

Dakota Chanel – Muse of Love

Allan Lundell, a.k.a. Dr. Future

It was a very difficult time.  In which the great wound of that flickering would rise to the surface.  I had no money, and without access to my powers consistently could not function within the mortal plane.  It took all I had to hold access, such that I could construct the Mythica and fulfill the vision granted to me of my sacred Purpose.  Thankfully, I had great allies who appeared on the Path, proving once again the Rules of the Road.  In the luminous radiance of Dakota there was Love, her embodied Magdalene holding space for the vastness of what strove to be born through me.  In the generosity of Family provided by Dr. Future and Sun Marian, there was sanctuary.

The circumstances were right.  Not only were the tones of Family and the Divine Feminine surrounding me, Future Peak itself occurred as a nexus, a medley of vibrations embodying the movement from the old paradigm to that of the future.  It was a place of soft Time, in a confluence of Ley which pulsed with the tones of the emergent paradigm.

Sun Marian a.k.a. “Mrs. Future”

Daily, I would walk with my beloved wolf North up and down the mountain that led to Future Peak, breathing and doing inner practices in effort to stabilize my condition once and for all.  It had been so many years of frustration, so many years of feeling splintered and inconstant within my own Self, my powers flickering on and off in errant lightning.  I knew, in the core of my being, that in order to build the Mythica, a map of ALL Stories, revealing the cloud atlas that lay beneath the surface of our lives, I had to achieve some kind of constancy.  And this meant facing the very limitation to our mortal viewpoint.  The veil between the various Times and states of being.

I remember when I realized that was the issue.  The yogic understanding passing through the modern mythos of the comic.  Our inability to Remember ourselves due to being bound in Time.  This was the issue.  The thing that had to be defeated.  The Time Barrier.  The veil between our Selves and the Divine, that needed to be broken through, such that I could step into the future, into the version of myself that had access to his powers in constancy.

In the lore, there was a series called ‘D.C. One Million’, written by Grant Morrison.  In which the Superman of the 853rd century came to the present, accompanied by that era’s version of Justice League.  As the future version of Superman, this being was fabulously powered, with abilities transcending even that of the current Age hero.   Immune to kryptonite, invulnerable to magick, possessed of a range of senses and abilities relative to the era from which he came, this Superman had only one major weakness, he relied on the light from the Super-Sun at the centre of his solar system for his magnificent powers.  Back in the past, in what we called the ‘present’, his powers faded.  To me, this represented the distance from one’s God-Self, from the Light of Divine awareness.  In which we, bound into these ideas of Time and Space, did not have access to our deeper Knowing.

In the climactic last scenes of the series, the future-Superman makes the ultimate effort, focusing all the power still remaining in his cells to punch through the Time Barrier in effort to return to the 853rd century.  Such would become my vision, my mantra, as I did the very same, emoting the Superman of that series and drawing upon the Shivic qualities within me to do the very same, punch through the Time Barrier and have clarity on the many aspects of the Akashic field such that I could create the Mythica and finally ground into the material plane.

As I walked the mountain with North, I focused on this, invoking the mantra “information flooding in … from the Super-Sun …. regenerating the cellular damage … I’ve made it to the 853rd century!” to fuel my efforts as I pantomined the Superman of D.C. One Million, focusing the yogas of my awareness to weave the spell.

I knew I had to do it.  I was so tired.  So exhausted from the constant movement through the realms of the Mythica.  I longed for grounding, a way to present the Gift that I came here to deliver.  In order to survive, I had to stabilize the lightning within.  I had to make the transition from a stuttering Captain Marvel to the Superman of ongoing clarity.

With each step, I invoked the mantra, feeling the energies drawing up within me, pouring down from Source.  Images of Shivic potency mixed in with those of the character from the comics, dissolving the seeming of the modern Age to reveal the mythos beneath.  With bare feet I drew upon the Aina, gathering strength from the Land.  Extending my awareness, I felt the qualities of future-time, of sanctuary and hearth, of the Divine Feminine and the Galactic, radiating from Future Peak, and let them sink into my being, further charging me with energy.

Focusing all my strength into a single sustained effort, I thrust my fist forward, breaking through the barrier of awareness that had held me back! Like the Superman of that future-time, I felt prana, the energies from Source coming into my body, filling me with newfound vitality, with deeper connection to the Source of all Life and strength.  I had done it.  I had woven a yoga from the lore of the modern Age, drawing upon the power that lay beneath it’s pages to change the circumstances of my consciousness, making it to the 853rd century with only minutes to spare.


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