2018-1-9 – Rebirth

Signs of Love.  Signs of Abundance.  Success of Rituals.

Niekko Chin

The Water does her magick.  I feel my consciousness clearing, allowing more access to the Abundance.  New inspirations come in on how to narrate the Journey Home more clearly, to illuminate the concepts better for the Readers.  Signs of the realm of Abundance are seen.  As we return Yeshua discovers that an amp he wishes to sell is selling.  Avatars appear in the Akasha, made of similar expansion.  Sean Gallaway calls up, offering us temporary employment with his road company (which we could not accept as we are deep in the writing), Niekko Chin calls me to say he can sell *my* amp from Los Angeles and send money for the truck he bought from me.

Added to this is a sense of genuine Gratitude, as we have been granted a place to stay for free close to the beach filled with equipment to record Songs, in an environment with beautiful neighbors.  The subscription model for the Mythica aligns, and we step ever-closer to the full publishing of the living Story.

This to me is the result.  The application of the techniques that clear our vibration and move us into new Worlds of manifestation.

Ever since the turn of the year, something has shifted.  With the Mythica poised for publication and the attainment of the Realization gained through the Journey Home, there is an easement.  A feeling of at last understanding the human condition and now finding the axis within to Love what is, the form of the World at this moment in the climactic shift to the new paradigm.

It is a profound shift, one long coming.  I witness that movement through the realms takes time.  That we have been in repeated patterns for so long, it takes prolonged effort to change them.  I scan my body, feeling for the vibrations within that equal my ‘outer’ circumstance.  I feel the vibrational tones of my root chakra and the Heart, and use the Forgiveness technique in effort to clear those imprints and travel further along the rainbow road to the realms of Abundance and Love.

In this space, I am coming to appreciate Peter.  To appreciate my Self, and have Love for the nobility of his passage.  He has traveled so far, and fought for so long, and deserves the rest and sanctuary he so deeply deserves.

Sigh.  We all have wounds.  Things we ache to resolve.  Patterns that create the realities that we live within, mapped out in the matrix of our Self.

The enlightenment of the Mythica does not exclude this.  A well of compassion rises for Peter, appreciating how much he has suffered in service to God, how deserving of Love, of fidelity and hearth.  As incarnates at this time, much of our work is about healing those wounds and returning to a state of being where we may receive these things.

Such a healing is always vibrational, for our very Selves and their manifestation are made of vibration.  Intent on this, I breathe.  Deeply.  In and out.  Feeling into the nooks and crannies of my Self.  Actively pouring Love into those places.  Feeling a mixture of brilliant Clarity and sweet sadness.  Invoking the subtle asana of Love.

Such is perhaps the most important act we can do, for it is the nature of our healed or distorted patterns that create our personal and collective realities. If we want to be liberated from them, we have to do the work.  It’s as simple as that.

There are still sharp places within my field, places as-yet-unforgiven.  Yet I feel the resistance to the process dissolving at last, outrage replaced by Acceptance, an Understanding touched and tempered through experience.  It is definitely a movement deeper along the rainbow road to the realms of Abundance and Prosperity, intentionally clearing the imprints out of my consciousness so as to achieve a different effect in my halo of manifestation.

Breath – The Aloha of Life

In that moment, Alva Lily sends a message to both Yeshua and myself.  She arrives, bringing fruit that we share in fellowship.  Such is a sign of Abundance, and I use it to breathe into that vibrational tone.  Earlier on the Quest, Alva sensed the luminous vibration of Yeshua and myself at Food & Thought.

Quickly, we discovered that she is an adept at a technique of deep breathing, and considered her arrival today as a sign that the Universe Supports Us, and that What We Need Arrives in Right Timing, both Rules of the Road on the Quest to Heaven on Earth.

As she arrives, she feels my energy, embracing me with a long, sustained and woven hug.  Relief floods through my body.  After so much loneliness and isolation, after so little nurturing on the Path, such things are like nectar to me.  Exactly what I am invoking in my Life through the intentional holding of the subtle asana of Love to manifest more of that very thing.

Alva Maria

Witnessing Alva, I can sense tightness in her form.  Offering to help with my healing abilities, we have an impromptu session, unlocking energies within her neck and her upper back.  It is a beautiful exchange.  Afterwards, buoyant with energy, she offers a breath work session to Yeshua which profoundly affects his voice, which I take to be more realmsign of abundance on the Path and a sign of the success of the previous day’s ritual.

Such is great inspiration.  As I scrawl the narrative, new ideas flash across my mindseye.  Ways of honouring the Great Story of the Akasha, the Aina, the Magdalene and the magick.  Flush with inspiration from the success of the ritual, I set the intention to go deeper into the healing of the root chakra and the Heart, coming to a more exalted wielding of my own vital force to see how it affects the halo of my manifestation.  It is a rapture of excitement, to feel that the sacred Quest of the Mythica, to journal one’s heroic journey to enlightenment and abundance, mapping out the Akasha of the Great Story, is happening.

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