The Realms of Faerie

(photo from the ‘Faerie Glens’, part of the 2009 episode “Faerie Roads” from the Journey Home)

As part of my duty to open the gates to Heaven on Earth, I have traveled through many realms.  Realms of Brightness, realms of Shadow, and the vast play of potential Worlds that lay betwixt and between.  As an ambassador of the deva, many of these have been the realms of Faerie, those places which lay close to the nexus between the mortal and immortal Worlds, where the Green and the Golden hold sway.  In my travels, I have seen many perspectives on what ‘Faerie’ is, on what ‘magick’ and ‘wonder’ are, and our relationship to that liminal space.  Such is my vantage on the thing –

Like all realms, Faerie is both a Place and a state of Being.  She exists at a crossroads of vibration, where particular Ideas are in bloom, where we sense and feel into a deeper octave of the mortal experience.  She is a place of portent and prophecy, of subtle intuition and consequence, where our awarenesss is Opened enough to have relationship with the Deva, the elemental beings, sometimes known as faeries, kami, or a host of other names.  To move through faerie is to exist in such resonance, where the World is much deeper and more robust than we previously believed, full of any number of intelligences emanating from the very substance of the Land.

From a mortal perspective, the primal inhabitants of Faerie exist in a discarnate place, that is, made of more elemental signatures than what we classically refer to as ‘matter’ in the current octave of human awareness.  And while many beings cannot perceive them through the horizon of their current awareness, they are very, very real.  It is a wise thing, to cultivate good relations with the elementals of the Land, for in doing so, we open our own consciousness to that which is larger than the Self, and come that much closer to the embodiment of our own unrealized potential.  And while this subject is worth a legion of books onto itself, the subject of this post focuses more on our relationship with the Devic (Faerie) realms and how that plays out in the actualization of our Self to it’s mythical potential.

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