2018-1-5 – Love and Law

As I wake, a payment for $28 comes in from Patreon.  Just enough to combine with what I’ve got in the PayPal to send a payment to Google.  While I feel it will support the Mythica’s business end for another month, such leaves our coffers depleted, requiring more inner adjustment to clear the vibrations causing our manifestation.

The Prism of the Self and it’s Halo of Manifestation

In journey across the realms of the Mythica, the basic principle of the Quest is that God is Good, and that Abundance and expansion are our birthright.  That the Universe Herself is abundant, and that it is our lens, that of the human Self in it’s patterns of energy and thought, that requires adjustment.  In theory, as we clear out these patterns ‘within’, it clears up the patterns ‘without’.   In accordance with the physics of the quest, we are living in the holographic reflection of our own substance of Self.  In  practice, as we clear out the disturbed or blocked energies within the root area of one’s body and consciousness, it should clear up the manifestation in the ‘outer’ experience.  Such is the elemental quality of all “prayers”, “magicks” “intentions” and the like, that as we change the structure of our lens of Self, so does our vantage and manifestation of experience.

At this point, clearing for me roots into the long-standing contest I have had with What Is, the nature of Form at this point in human Awakening.  It burrs within me, a knot of resentment towards the very mission I came here for, to clear the way to Heaven on Earth.

For Victory, I witness this must be changed, that I must travel deeper into the realms of Love, resolving true acceptance of what my discernment reveals.  It is my sense that this will dissolve the patterns and imprints within the Self that remain unliberated and allow more Abundance to flow through my vessel.

We are Fed

The Rules of the Road prove themselves again Yeshua comes into the temple with a bowl of food, a gift given spontaneously by one of our neighbors.  Such is the feeling of support from the Universe, affirmation that we are on the right Path.

Being fed in such a way, when one must face the inner question of their own manifestation and Trust in a benevolent Divinity, is heartening.

It is a beautiful reminder, helping me to shift my vibration once again to the asana of Trust.  I breathe into it intentionally, feeling the tones of that pattern of relationship within my body.  Holding space within the nimbus of my awareness, I focus Love through my Self, intent on changing the asana I have been holding into something more aligned.  More resolved and in acceptance.

Feeling the prana moving through me, I deliberately invoke the asana of Gratitude, feeling into the tones and the sensations of my relationship to that stance.  A medley of colours washes across my mindseye in response.  I can feel the inner disquiet, the simultaneous anger and exaltation of the nature of form.  It is the healing of the splinter, between my own Heaven and Earth.

It is a mixture of gratitude and ardent resolve then, as Yeshua mixes up the gift and prepares food.  In the fields below the surface, I can feel the gravitas of his Earth-magick, the easy manner in which he moves through the nature of human sustenance.  Such is a far cry from the elemental planes from whence I came, and I am deeply thankful to be on Quest with an embodiment of such vibration.




Contemplating Love


A feeling rises inside me, the intimate resonance that kissed my Path in the brief meeting of a Goddess.  I wonder, why did that happen?

Longing rises within me.  The deep desire to connect, to go deep into the realms with a sacred partner.

I reaffirm my strategy.  To Love the Self, and see what appears in my ‘outer’ experience.


And then, Simplicity.

As I focus into the Love, my realm changes, and with it, my angle of vantage on the Creation.


And then, she Opened.  I felt a push, insistent within my being.  Inspired by the shape of both Yeshua’s and my sites, I wanted to shift the main Mythica to such synergy, yet was holding to the energy and effort I had put in and my sincere desire not to go through the re-design again.

Yet something kept tugging.  The Truth is, I wanted to use the X-Theme throughout.  I appreciated the mastery of the spellwork, the cleanness of the glyph.  Unwilling to resist, I dove back into the X, shifting the form of the Mythica once more.

A great harmony happened.  The Ideas Opened, and I saw the simplicity.  The way to present the content of the Mythica, that aligned with Yeshua and I as Authors, that felt aligned, dropped in.

There is Power in simplicity, for such is the form seen unveiled.


I witness the day then.  A dedication to Love, a purposeful application, and the result of Opening.

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