2018-1-4.2 – Foraging for Food

Yeshua brings me the results of his libriomancy.  His intuition to open one of the Vashali tomes.  In providence, it opens to a passage on Shiva, drinking the poison of the World as an act of Love to transform it.  Such occurs for me as realmsign, an omen from the living Universe, reflecting the current timbre of the Path.

I recognize my avatar is an aspect of that Shivic force, designed to bring discernment to the distortions of the dying Age and help ignite the next octave of our Awakening.  That as a tabula rasa entering the material plane I took on the distorted vibrations, the ‘poison’ of human error, in order to cleanse and clarify them in the wake of unconditional Love.

Getting to that Love, truly finding peace with What Is, accepting and Loving the effort required to clean and transform the Self, has been the backbone of the Journey Home.  A Quest demanding the application of the yogas of change to shift my vibrational state in effort to manifest the easement and connection that is our shared birthright.

It has been a real challenge to maintain one’s vibrational state while facing the question of scarcity and support.  To hold one’s Faith and application of the techniques while facing the deep-rooted distortions of those things on the Path, constantly demanded to find discernment amongst the circus mirrors of one’s errant thoughts.

I have not enjoyed the effort.  Scraping one’s way out of the prison of scarcity consciousness, demanded to achieve sovereignty over one’s vibration amidst the pressure of an entire planet of distortion is no small thing.  And while my endless clearing has produced real enlightened discernment, finding Love for the process of being human at this time has been terribly difficult.

Shivers run through me, irritations and annoyances at our circumstance that I consciously move to shift.  As I look at our shared treasury of finance, the anger rises.  As a strategy, I assume the asana of Gratitude, feeling the change within the tones of my body as a balm.

I reflect that things are better than they have ever been.  There is more access to inspiration from Source, filling both Yeshua and I with ideas on how to present the Mythica to the People.  After so many years of effort, there is the feeling of expansion.  A natural vibrational emanation that does not require the massive effort of Manifestor consciousness in effort to replace the feeling of scarcity and denial with something brighter.

Yet as Yeshua and I find ourselves once more in need of donation to support the Quest, so close to the opening of the gates of publishing and regular income, I wonder if I am doing enough vibrational attunement, that perhaps there is a way to accelerate the manifestation of the even flow of resource through the Mythica.

Here’s a perfect example of how the realms have been. Yeshua and I have something like $15 between us. We are about to buy some food, while asking for donations for the Mythica.  Every day we work diligently on the Mythica, doing practices to clear our lens of Self so that the vision for our lives may move through us.

Hungry for food, we would perhaps be in dire straights if it were not for Yeshua’s scavenging abilities, garnering the wasted produce from the Whole Foods market.

This triggers a tight feeling inside my body, which I hold within my awareness, breathing into the quality of Abundance.  Gradually, and with constancy, I feel it start to dissolve, and with it, the anxiety and question of how things shall unfold.

Anger flares again.  A mixture of disgust at having to endure such circumstance that I intentionally shift into the asana of Gratitude.  All such things are strategy, of course, for dealing with the circumstances of the human condition.  And while I am thankful that at last, after so many years of effort, things feel to be moving forward, the rancor towards the mortal plane still simmers.

I am so thankful for brother Yeshua.  In the fields below I witness him, flush with the Earth magicks that I am learning, our brotherhood a true embodiment of honour and mutual support on this shared crusade.

Together, we face the trials of the Mythica, living the modern mythos of pilgrims on the Quest clearing our lens of perception such that we may receive the abundant goodness that is God’s True nature.


If there was another, easier route, we would take it.  Yet all roads besides that of the Mythica are blocked.  The compass of expansive feelings clearly points towards the publishing.  Wrought in such circumstance, we must walk the Rainbow Road, applying the deva yoga, the life visioning and other modalities to make our way to freedom.  Such is the authenticity required to demonstrate the journey into the Mythica.
“It’s like God is using us as an example” declares Yeshua, as we share a bit of soup in brotherhood and fellowship,  purchased with the remaining $15 in our coffers.


Such has not been a question of Value, for the vibration of attainment is real.  Rather, it has been a matter of having access, to the inspiration to build out the Mythica, which direction to take, what urging from the quiet voice of Spirit leads us onward.

The journey across the realms of the Mythica is real.  It hasn’t been easy, yet that’s what it had to be, in order to face those deep questions within the human condition. To ask, “will I be supported?“, To witness the circumstance, to stand steadfast in the inner question of God‘s nature.




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