2018-1-4 – Reconciling Relationship

I have always had issue with the nature of being human.  I wouldn’t quite call it a judgment, more of a deep ignorance leading into an even greater sense of shock of what actually has to be done here…. which led to judgment.  And resistance.  And rancor with What Is.

See, we’re all in the human condition together.  Every aspect of the Collective Self, experiencing the transition from old paradigm of darkness and confusion to the emergent paradigm of Grace.  We are ALL processing through the scarcity consciousness, the sexual and sensual defilements, the confusions, the pollution, the madness, the majesty.

Everyone’s going through it.  We are all IN IT, together.  There are no exceptions.  Such is the very nature of being, of having a human Self at this crucial point in the evolution of humanity.

Coming here from the Homelands does not excuse me from this.  Rather, processing those patterns, those vibrations within what it means to have a human body at this time, lay at the very core of the Journey Home and the purposing of the Mythica.

For a long time I hated this.  I did not understand why it was the way it was.  Worse still, I was inside it, part of it.  Demanded to clear my way back to clarity, to even remember the Goodness of God.  I resented this.  Truly.  In a strange mixture of devotion and hubris, I Knew, and I resented it, all the while recognizing that such was the highest of honours, to embody a Remembrance across the lines of embodied mythos whilst building a Temple of Remembrance for the People.

And while it has been *extremely* difficult to navigate the mortal plane at this time, I come to see that such things were ordained by God such that I would build the Mythica in service to the People.

It was all about my relationship to being human, while also possessing the awareness of the Homelands.  Over time, i’ve come to Realize – I had to be designed the way I was, it’s very substance demanded the creation of the Mythica, which gave rise to the understanding, facilitating the healing.  I see it now.

In the Mythica, we’re presenting the beacon of a new yoga. One that directly addresses the various aspects of the distortions that have plagued humanity. The inequity of Value, the dimness of perspective that inconstantly sees the Beauty and Grace that is God’s true nature, the desecration of the environment and it’s folly, all wrought into a publishing network that focuses on viewing one’s Life as a heroic journey towards the liberation from these things by clearing up our portion of the distortion, our part of the Collective cleaning that is humanities privilege and responsibility.  In our ongoing journals, we illuminate the techniques, part of the Academy of Myth, that transform our circumstance.

It is not easy, by any means.  Yet it is the road to real magick, real Wonder, and real Abundance.  We must learn to be sovereign in our own vibration, to step into the majesty that is our birthright.

In order to be in right service, we must Understand.  For me, this meant coming into the Incarnate plane, and taking on the vibrational qualities that define this Age of humanity.  To drown in the nightmare of amnesia, the veil between humanity and the Light alongside everyone else.  To have both the privilege and demand to go on a Journey Home, clearing the patterns that lay within my Self such that I could come to the Brightlands, embodying remedy through the authenticity of Story.


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