2018-1-4.1 – Accepting what has to be Done

For me enlightenment has a clarity.  An ability to see things for what they are.  For so long I had been in contest with the material plane, ignorant and resentful, all the while Knowing that I must reconcile this relationship for the true healing of the Self.

Such is the healing of the splinter, between my Heavenly and Human Self.  It is the clearing that defines this chapter of the Journey Home, “2018 – Devotion and Surrender”.  After passing through the realms of Loving the Self in 2017, I have cleared the lens of my awareness enough to see the next layer.  The walls dissolve and I feel able to embrace this next depth of being human.

From “Dawn of the Dragon”, 2016

You know, I wouldn’t consider myself entirely clear.  Enlightened, yes.  I have vantage on the nature of Form.  In the revelation of the Siddhi of Story.  I see the fields of Heaven.  Yet such is just an aspect of the fullness.  There are parts of the human condition that I, like everyone else, am working through.  I could live a cleaner lifestyle.  I could be even more mindful about the patterns within the Self.  Even though there is attainment, there is still work to do.

To write about such things is a high valor to me, for it reveals our authenticity in being human.

I don’t like feeling into it.  In facing the wound.  For so long, I, to quote Vogel (who quoted it from a faerie ambassador he knew), “Go where the problem isn’t.”

So I did.  I focused on what I was Good at, seeing the Worlds beneath the World.  The threadwork and beauty that is the Mythica.  I refined the siddhi of Story such that I could finally land in the human condition.  That I could finally hold constant resonance with the Earthen realms.

At last, this is happening.  With it comes an awareness, an acceptance of what now needs to be done.  The clearing, the healing of the Self and narration of that through the channels of the Mythica.

I witness, not for the first time, that the Journey Home must be, by definition, a healing Story.  A tale of movement from splinters back to wholeness, to see the cracked mirror of the Self in it’s redeemed Beauty.  To manage the Gift of awareness granted to me by the Presence required the building of the Mythica, a means of organizing the onslaught of sensation that drowned my senses.  I see the Perfection of the thing, how my individual Self, my character in the Great Story was designed through it’s very form to embody the thing that it does.  I see, through the very awareness that gave rise to the Atlas of Stories, the threadwork of his Story, as it moves through the body of Shakti, part of the grand alchemy of an infinity of souls in shared dancing.

It is the enlightenment of form.  And it is beautiful in the extreme.

Simultaneous, I look at my physical form with that refinement, witnessing  patterns still aching for resolution.  I see both how my resistance to what has to be done here has allowed such things to continue as well as seeing the perfection of it’s timing in the context of the much larger thing.

In this I see the acceptance of form.
And from there, the devotion to form.

Yeshua Lucis

In this way I am so thankful for Yeshua.  To be around the devotion that he embodies, the depth of connection and lifetimes of experience with being human hold a vibration that is my reminder, that draws my attention from my own unresolved patterns back towards what must be done.  To face the reality that while it was appropriate to focus on the Mythica such that we could get to this place, ready to publish to the Worlds and ground into the Incarnate at last, it is now time to focus into Shakti.  Into the physical and healing arts, the content to publish through the form.

This means me going into it.  The healing.  Focusing.  Intentionally shifting to the redemption of my own judgment and distaste for the mortal plane.  Having come to the Shivic discernment, I now understand that it is the Love, and the Devotion, that heals and soothes the vibrations within the Self, bringing us closer to Heaven on Earth.

Such is a new place for me.  One where the shifting realms have quieted at last.  Where I may attend the patterns that served once yet no longer do, where I may clear out the aspects of my Self that still linger in the Shadowlands with compassion accepting that Now is the time for this next chapter of my Journey Home.




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