2018-1-3 – The Mythical Me

I am experiencing the most incredible Opening.  A feeling of intimacy with my own Voice, the deep acceptance of my right placement within the material plane.  Last night, feeling the window open and publishing that radiance of awareness through the Mythica network was an act of stepping into the appropriateness.  I have returned from the Island of the Gods, reuniting with Yeshua on the Eastern coast of the Americas, and have been given sanctuary by noble Allowah.  What we invoked together has come to pass, a place to blend our Light and build the firmament of the Mythica, such that we may offer this radiance to the People.

In particular last night I felt a long-questioned thing resolve.  All my life I have held deep question over the nature of Self itself.  Such was the natural consequence of descending to the material plane from the Homelands, dropping into the amnesia and distortion that has defined the passing Age of the old paradigm.  Existing as a tabula rasa, without the mass of vibrational patterns that defines the mortal experience, I had a very different experience with the material plane.  Because I could not find reflection in the patterns of the human World, I came into deep question over what my purpose was in the context of the unfoldment.

Very little about the human World resonated for me.  Instead, I found resonance with the characters of archetype, the living mythos that moves through our Stories.  As my myth has unfolded across the Journey Home, I have come to see this more clearly.  To find acceptance and appreciation for my Aspect of God’s plan.

The road to Knowing the Self is the most important journey one can take.  It is, in fact, the ONLY journey one really takes, mapping out across a canvas of infinite circumstance.  Yet as we forge our way across this territory, the many realms of the Mythica unfold for us.  We come to know the Self, to Love the Self, to experience the depths of the Gift that wishes to be borne through that Self.

Because the patterns of the human World held such little resonance for me, I found definition in the elemental, in the archetypical and mythical.  I related more with being a magickal character, moving across a World that he did not understand.  Tracking his way across a landscape that it seemed only he could see.  As my Journey Home across the realms of the Mythica deepened, I went further into this reality, walking the rainbow road across the Shadowlands to what I came to call the Brightlands, the realms of manifestation closer to the endless luminance of Source.  More resplendent in the embodied tones of Heaven on Earth.

Such was thing that could only be done by the particular kind of Self that I was created to be.  That in it’s implicit nature it’s angelic function would have to unfold a particular way.  It is a grand revelation, for I realize that I was sent here to remind humanity, on all levels, of the road to Heaven on Earth.

It is my function.  Given unto me by God.  To be that Messenger, a part of an alliance of guardians wrought to similar purpose, driven to Service, ambassadors of the emergent paradgm.

There is a beautiful humility in this, for as clear as the tone of this attainment rings within me, there is also the recognition of the things that I am still clearing, still working through in the Self.  At last I feel in right placement.   Aligned in right-function to deliver the Mythica, honestly displaying that which we ALL share, the valorous journey through the human experience to the revelation of who we really are.



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