2018 – The Magicians

2018 - The Magicians

21 Mar

“The Magician’s Oasis”

“The Magician’s Oasis” The Mythica crystallizes along with the deep inner work that is being do

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25 Apr


“Evo’s” After the debacle at the realm of the Dark Dakini, we are unsure where to go. Making o

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18 May

“The Fields of Lavender”

“Fields of Lavender” After encountering Niekko Chin once more in the towne of Encinitas, he tol

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12 Jul

“Leaving the Southlands”

“Leaving the Southlands” With the help of Cos and his earth-magic, Yeshua and I were able to re

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13 Jul

“The Shasta Synchronicity”

“The Shasta Synchronicity” We enter Cascadia, stopping at the majesty of Shasta to give honour

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14 Jul

Tales of the Ashland Shire

“Tales of the Ashland Shire” We make our way through the Shire of Ashland, where I’m inspired t

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17 Jul

“Return to Wynden Keep”

“Return to Wynden Keep” At last, the Path brings us back to my Fae family in the numinous realm

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27 Jul

“Earth & Sky”

“Earth & Sky” World Tree Akasha Return to

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18 Aug

“Avatars of Avalon”

“Avatars of Avalon” Yagara Arrives Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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26 Aug

“The Heart of Faerie”

“Heart of Faerie” The Journey Underground As the energies of the mushroom deva were receive

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01 Sep

“The Lost Valley”

“The Lost Valley” We are invited by the faerie maidens to an event called ‘The Lost Valley’ whi

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22 Sep

“Equinox of the Faeries”

“Equinox of the Faeries” An Unexpected Dinner Party This is a major moment on the Quest, wh

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22 Oct

“The Temple of Story”

“The Temple of Story” Winter continues to creep inward as our stay at Wynden Keep continues …

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11 Dec

“Opening the Rainbow Gate”

“Opening the Rainbow Gate” At LAST! We have shifted the energies within to manifest the monies

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15 Dec

“Return to the Mother”

“Return to the Mother” At last I make it back to the islands of the Mother.  To the mystic

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16 Dec

“The Temple of Peace”

“The Temple of Peace” Following the guidance from Satya Douglas, we make our way to the Temple

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22 Dec

“Parking Lot of the Gods”

“Parking Lot of the Gods” At the end of our week of grace at LaFleur’s place, Yeshua and I cont

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25 Dec

“The Temples of Love & Peace”

“Temples of Love & Peace” Sacred Synchronicities Once again, the avat

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