Reflections from the Quest – Return to Valhalla

To navigate our way across the realms of the Mythica, we must learn to listen.  To pay attention to that small, quiet voice within that holds our inner Knowing.  It is the development of this inner divination that lay at the heart of every decision we make, the intuition and right-relationship with our authentic compass such that we move more into alignment with our True Nature, and in that alignment, may receive more of the Abundance that wishes to pass through us.

As we move through our adventures, we are always traversing the landscape of the realms.  The particular Qualities of Consciousness playing out as vibrational patterns that exist within our Selves and the beings we intersect on the Path.  How we relate with these archetypical imprints, whether we move deeper into harmony or continue the dissonance that aches to be cleared, is up to us.

It was in “2013 – Family & Fortune” that I found myself facing the defilement of the masculine and the wrong use of power yet again, this time occurring in a remote farmland called an ‘ashram’ by it’s steward.  I had arrived there through taking a pair of woofers that I had met, along with the steward of the ashram, while living at the Mohawk Tea House, the faerie sanctuary in the northern territories of the City of Portals.

I could feel something was off from the initial preparations to leave.  The steward of that place pushing on the sovereignty of my boundaries regarding my vessel, ‘Victory’.  Not yet in clarity over what was occurring, I breathed through it, mentioning to them lightly that I was feeling my boundaries pressed upon.

Soon enough, we traveled as a group outside of the cityscape, making our way to this ashram, a secluded spot just south of the territories of the Free Colonies of Canada.  Here, our host locked a metal gate behind us, essentially trapped the vehicles inside.

I don’t like being trapped.  My reaction is pretty close to that of a wilde animal, inherently resistant to the limitation on it’s freedom.  There was something about the harmonic of it that did not feel benign, making it especially uncomfortable for me.  As I stayed on the Land, the dissonance became clear.  Once more the steward of that place began posturing sending off the vibrations of attempted dominance.  I found it grating, yet resolved that perhaps this was another opportunity to cleanse, to use the ho’oponopono technique to move through the vibrations and clear the manifestation from my field.

Of course, something shifted.  Soon enough, I realized that I did not have food for beloved North, my wolf.  I explained this to our host, who tried to convince me that they were making food for the animals, and that I should wait.  A jarring, edgy sensation flashed in the fields below their Words, as I felt an intention of control, of attempted dominance in the field.

Something felt wrong.  I felt trapped.
“I have to get food for my wolf” I said.
“You should have gotten food before we locked the gate” he says.


Recognizing the tone, I requested that the gateway was opened, for I had to get the right food for my wolf and was not into being held there. Again, my host tried to assert control, claiming that I “should have gotten food before we locked the gate”.  Notwithstanding the audacity of declaring what I “should” or “should not” have done, the vibration of such wrongful use of power, to lock beings in the space at one’s whim, jarred on my nerves like poisoned Water.

Kindly, I demanded that the key be produced, and that my wolf and I were leaving.  Under no circumstances would I yield to anything that stood in the way of North’s well-being.  Eventually, they relented, suggesting that I not return.  I happily obliged.

What happened next was magnificent.

On the Quest, we are always faced with choices.  Ways of turning, right or left, in or out, choices that we make which lead us to new adventures.  What looked on the surface plane of awareness as a brief time spent on a being’s land was far more, it was a challenge to my very sovereignty.  One that I passed by heeding the lesson of my inner urgings and honouring my relationship with the wolf.

It was not comfortable.  Yet we must be able to stand our ground as well as yield as situations demand, finding our way to the clearing of the patterns that define our circumstance.  As I left, I touched the effigy of the Goddess that lay upon the dashboard, invoking Trust that I was making the right decision.  As I did so, I asked for a sign, to help me navigate to the next phase of my journey.

I resolved, before I did anything, I would get my beloved ally the food he deserves, making my way to the local store.  There, I saw a girl, with a beautiful pendant on her neck.  It shimmered for me in the Mythica, drawing my attention.  I ask, “Where did You get that?” She replies, “Nelson”, referencing the mystical towne to the north, across the border to the Free Colonies.

 It shimmered for me in the Mythica, drawing my attention.
I ask, “Where did You get that?”
“Nelson” she replies, referencing the mystical towne to the north, across the border to the Free Colonies.

Such was the second sign, the first being the feeling of freedom I felt when I left the farmland and it’s doctrine of control.  From here I considered, to cross the border, I may need fresh papers declaring North’s health and wholeness.  Perhaps a veterinarian was open, and able to provide this.  Checking my phone, I discovered one, as Fate would have it, they were open and willing to check the beast.  Sign number three.  Clearly, the Path is leading me back into the Valhalla’s, the realm where I first joined the Mythmaker during “2008 – Mythmaking“.  Such was the home of the Master Shaper of the Elves as well, who had created the Elphinstone Coat.

The omens were clear.  Breathing through the dissonance of the Divine Masculine, I threw my Trust to the Lady and headed northwards, towards the crystal towne of Nelson.

I am unsure, as I arrive, why I have been led in this direction.  Stopping briefly in the towne, I get the intuition to head further north, towards the Valhalla mountains, towards the grove where I had initiated with the Mythmaker.  As I drive, a being holds their thumb out, asking for a lift.  Honour the traveler, I pull over, inviting them into Victory.

“Where are You headed?” I ask.
“There’s a gathering,” he says.  “A solstice gathering.  I’ll take You there.”

Heading onward, I come to find out that the gathering is none other than my allies amongst the northern elves, the inhabitants of the towne of Winlaw, deep in the Valhalla mountains.  So involved with my passage across the Mythica, I had not been aware that such was the sacred Solstice party of my friends.  Yet, in trusting my intuition and refusing to yield to the sins of the old paradigm, I found my way Home.


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