You are more than You Know

“Inside of You’s a Star I See
It burns quite bright don’t You agree?
inside it burns just bright as Me
This Star inside of You I See”


You are more than You know.  There are depths within You that will astound and amaze, access to talents and wonders that are your Gift to the World.  It is there, it is always there, whether we see it or not.  Such is the beauty of our Path, that we are discovering the nature of our Self through our efforts, coming to see the treasure that lay past the trials.

Declaring ‘We are all Divine beings’ is no idle thing.  It is a remembrance, a portal that we may contemplate in it’s richness in effort to embody the Truth of it’s essence, for it is one thing to say something, and quite another to BE something.

When we do this, we do the brightest of things, for in opening to our deeper Self we are working the highest of magicks, clearing our portion of the distortion that sleeps the people of the World.

It is a journey to find our Light.  To discover the angel beneath the clay.  The Star at the center of Your world.  Yet such is the highest undertaking that You can make, for such is the road to your fulfillment.  To truly embody the Self, Loving the Self, having right-relationship with the Self, is to deepen into that relation, filling one’s form with presence and awareness.  When we do this thing, when we make passage into who we really are, our magick unfolds.  That which has always been there waiting within begins to blossom, bathed in the sunlight of our attention.  The dream that wishes to be born through You is given greater passage.

Discovering this is the essence of your myth.  Your epic adventure through the passage of a Life.  It is the processing of Awakening.  Of seeing the star beneath the skin.

Such is the heroic journey itself.  The discovery of the seed within, that which aches to be in wielding, that sings in the Song of your Heart.

Stay bright, angels.  Live your Myth.


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