On the Mythica – The Great Story

“We’re all threads within the Weave
the Tapestry of Life
The Pattern’s there when You Perceive
the Tapestry of Life:”


There is a Great Story.  A pattern of infinite threads, marveling the latticework of our lives.  A majesty in which we are living Stars, meeting each other in synchronicities of shared meaning.  Places where we share a remembrance, a sense that things are happening in alignment with a larger and benevolent Purpose.

Each of our lives is a sacred thing within this, a singular thread within the much, much larger skein of our shared circumstance.  In which we play an integral part of the unfoldment of our Collective Story while retaining the sublime uniqueness of it’s own Song.  Such is the weave of the tapestry of Life, the many roots of the World Tree and the various octaves and manners in which they occur.

To witness such a thing into being, to anchor it in the consciousness is part of the great Gift of the Mythica.  In which the yoga of Story demonstrates itself, and the recognition of our own personal myth takes root.

I built the Mythica to do this, to provide vantage of the many threads, the connections, the intertwining roots and destinies that play across the Incarnate plane.  To grant beings the ability to look at their own Story with fairness and appreciation, thus that they may see the Truth of our Unity simultaneous with the appreciation of their Uniqueness.

It is such a beautiful thing, for as I write this article I witness Yeshua, flush with Ideas and inspirations on how to tell his Story.   I see the Mythica unfolding, not simply in the transmission of my sacred tale, yet rather deeper into Her True purposing, to provide a round table of Stories, that beings may come to see their own legend, their own mythos.  That they may come to Awaken to their Gifts through the witnessing of their own emergence.

There is Power in Awareness.  When we witness a thing in right timbre we open to a whole new World.

To wield my own Journey Home into a viewable form is a beautiful sculpture indeed, yet such always served a larger Purpose, that of clarifying the nature of the weave of our wonders for the multitudes.  To offer a way to inspire the consciousness to See more of what is, the beautiful pattern of God’s Grace that underlies our everyday moments.  To showcase the ways in which our lives were part of something much larger.  In seeing Yeshua present his Story the Seed Within is fine portent, for such is the proof of the yoga, the recognition of the interwoven nature of all things and the dissolution of the illusion of separation.






Such is what the Atlas of Stories reminds us.  That we are all connected, and our Stories are sacred.  Always part
of a much larger pattern to which we are sometimes aware.  When we see this from the right angle our lives become magickal things.  We experience the awe and wonder at feeling connected to something that is larger than our Self, giving us a glimpse into the beautiful unfoldment of a benevolent Divinity.  We learn to live our Myth.



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