Reflections from the Quest – God Loves You

One of the fundamental purposes of the Mythica is to help us remember that God is Good.  To recognize that despite the hardships as they appear on the surface of our awareness, that something larger is going on.  Something benevolent, though we may not see it at the time.

The Journey Home is a testament to this, set with the intention of recording and presenting the moments, both trial and triumph, where God’s Goodness revealed itself and the error in perception moved yet another step towards Clarity.

One of the clearest representations of this Rule of the Road was during the adventure “God Loves You”in the year 2016 – ‘The Sword in the Stone’, when Yeshua and I made our way from the spine of the Crestone Dragon across the sideway highways en route to the Cosmic Carnival, the invocation of priestess Ariane Labyrinth.

In the Story, Yeshua and I had just left Crestone with just enough money to make it to the western coast.  We were deep in the initiation of our shared travel across the realms, and facing the fundamental Question of whether God supported us on the Quest.

Leaving Crestone was the closing of a chapter for me.  On some level I knew it would be the last I would see of my beloved North.  Yet such was what the Quest demanded, and he had made it clear to me that I must travel onward and leave him with the Lady Faust.

As Yeshua and I traveled, he was struck by great hunger.  Driving, I explained that we had to Trust God to provide for us, as we only had just so much money to make it to the Cosmic Carnival.  Such was an intense thing for him, which we recognized as the bodies reflection of the question of being supported made manifest.  As we traveled down the road, we came to an intersection.  I knew from previous experience that if we went right we faced 70 miles of nothingness.  Looking downward at the empty symbol on the fuel gauge, I knew this wasn’t an option.  Seeking guidance, we pulled the truck over and waved down a pair of gracious women who told us there was a service station four miles to the left.

Having little other choice, we boarded the truck and made our way, Yeshua continuing to ask me when we were going to purchase or find some food, myself mirroring the experience of wondering how God would show up, if that affirmation would appear in the field at all.  Yet such was the Quest, and I knew this, feeling the vibrational tones of that negotiation with the Creation playing out beneath the surface of our circumstance.

Following the guidance we were given, we headed to the four-mile mark only to discover that it held no opportunity for the diesel that fueled my truck.  We were told the next station, twenty miles further, would have diesel.  Baring little glance at the empty tank flashing before me, I invoked Trust that we would make it to our destination, and find food, both for the vehicle and our Selves.

At the station, we pull in on the barest of fumes in the tank, grateful to have made it.  As we exited the vehicle, a pair of missionaries from a nearby congregation appears, dressed in red.

They speak.  “Hey! Are you hungry?” they ask, holding styrofoam boxes in their hands.

“Yes we ARE.” I reply.

They hand us the two boxes.  Inside are slices of pizza for each of us.  Emblazoned on the top of the box in red ink, “God Loves You

The Quest continues.



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