Reflections from the Quest – Clearing the Castle

Many times throughout the Journey Home have I faced the defilement of the Divine Masculine playing out in the circumstance of my Life, demanding the application of the yogas of clearing to move into a brighter octave of the Mythica.  One of the most distinctive occurrences of this was during ‘2015 – Union of the Kingdoms‘ in the episode “The Castle” in which I had to deeply embody the principles of ho’oponopono and the owning of partial responsibility in the manifestation of my experience.

Like so many aspects of the Quest, such was something that I would have avoided if I could.  Yet we cannot run from ourselves, or the imprints that we share within the Collective.  We simply must face them, hold the line of our own practice, and witness the results in the ongoing balancing and clearing that is our shared responsibility.

It was a difficult time.  I had sworn never to live in the City of Portals, what on the surface plane is known as ‘Portland’, again.  Save for a few interactions with some beloved Goddesses, such was a place of darkness and confrontation for me, where I had faced the depths of the wound of Family.  And while I was appreciative of the Story of the thing, I had no desire to return to the geography of that vibration.

Yet such was where the Path led.  I had received word from one of the other Kings that he had a vision of us sharing a house.  A space to embody the Divine Masculine.  Though I had my doubts, there was little other choice as every other Path seemed to close.  Cautiously, I moved into the space, a house in the northern reaches of Portland that we called ‘The Castle’.

Such was a venture doomed from the start, as the roommates whom I was Fated to live with occurred for me as representing the Divine Masculine not in it’s exaltation but in it’s defilement.  It was a tremendously difficult situation in which the Right Use of Power and it’s error radiated through the field, filling the Air with it’s distorted vibration.

In context, I felt as though one of my roommates was deeply out of balance in the assertion of his Idea of Strength, constantly trying to establish a subtle or blatant alpha dominance.  It seemed he wished to establish a place where his ideas of a palace would come to pass, in which we would be served upon by a live-in priestess who he treated with a contemptible lack of respect.  In contrast, the other roommate seemed so lacking in personal power that he went and purchased a handgun to place behind a lock in his room, never notifying myself or the other members of the house to his intentions.  Such was a difficult space to be in, as the constant argument and pressure triggered the wound within my Self regarding feeling safe in my home, a thing hearkening back to my childhood demanding to be healed.

A tone of disintegrity pervaded the place, as one of the roommates refused to be truthful with the real estate agent, in which agreements were made both with the agent and with me that were unmet.  Such was a comedy of errors, in which I watched the threads of the intention fall apart, lacking the virtue to sustain their embodiment.

Negotiation was impossible with such unbalanced beings, so Life was a daily demand for forgiveness in which I felt myself having to prove the principle that when we clear the energies that we share with others, our circumstance clears.  As difficult as it was and as much as I longed for sanctuary in my living space, still I recognized that such was part of the pattern of the Masculine defilement that was partially my duty to clear within my Self.  After all, it was occurring on my Path, and thus in the context of the Mythica, the manifestation of a vibrational pattern that I shared.

Every day I would invoke ho’oponopono with the intention of clearing of that subtle substance, taking responsibility for my portion of the distortion that was causing my roommates to act out of harmony with their deeper and Truer Selves.  I had taken the words of Joe Vitale (a.k.a. Mr. Fire) to heart in his transmission of the techniques of ho’oponopono, that when we cleared up the pattern within our Self, it cleared out our circumstance.

As one would expect, it did not end well.  At the end of the monies I had inherited from the death of my father, I nonetheless paid as much as I could to the owner of the house, apologizing for the lack of honour displayed by my roommates as months later, they spoke untruly about me in effort to save face while I had, the whole time, followed through on my Word.

Yet though it was challenging, the Castle had it’s virtues, for in doing the ho’oponopono, in applying the Deva Yoga and forgiving my Self and the other aspects of the Collective Self that I lived with, I felt the vibration of that defilement clear within my body, opening the roads to realms of more harmony on the Quest.




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