The Long and Winding Road

Building the Mythica was not easy.  It was brutal.  I mean, really brutal.  Consider for a moment the real journey from ignorance to enlightenment and the work that such a thing takes to actually accomplish.  Add to that the healing required to move from the madness of a splintered consciousness back into the majesty of siddhic (yogic superpowers) realization.  Now, throw in some good old fashioned social isolation and a general sense of being a pariah.

Not easy.

To create the Mythica I had to overcome all of those things.  To move through the loneliness, the confusion, and the rage.  To forgive my Self and the many beings that betrayed me along the way.  I had to build, and re-build, and re-build again something that flickered in and out of my awareness like a broken lightbulb.  I had to face the questions of scarcity and Abundance, of judgment and compassion, and develop a real sovereignty in relationship to the ream of patterns of spirituality and belief that marked the previous Age of a mostly unenlightened humanity.  All the while dealing with my OWN trials and foibles in the human condition.  My share of the collective distortion that weighs on us all.  That the Mythica was designed to remedy.

Yet, as the Beatles said, the long and winding road leads to YOUR door, to the door of the People, the Readers and believers, to the gates and doorways of Heaven on Earth itself.  She was built FOR the People, and though my tale the Journey Home is the flagship and illustration of the yoga of Story, she is ultimately ABOUT the People, about our shared movement towards a better reality and the techniques that we emply to make that happen.  She is about the revelation of our sacred Selves, the showcasing of the Worlds beneath the World, designed to showcase the Atlas of Stories and prove the Truth – that there is no separation, that we are all part and parcel of a much bigger Story than we know, empowering the People to a new level of their own embodiment.

Not easy, for most of the planet is ignorant to their own Divinity, burdened down by a defiled media that seeks to enslave them with what Michael Beckwith calls ‘malicious hypnotism’.  To make matters even more difficult, many are asleep, perceiving the magick in films and media as something outside of themselves, rather than as a reminder to who and what they really are.  To create a way of helping the People awaken was a task of herculean proportions.

And it was hard.  A long, and winding road, in which ‘many times I been alone, and many times I cried, any way you never know, the many times i tried‘ (again the Beatles).  Where I would have gone mad, or perhaps, stayed mad, if it were not for my beloved wolf North, leading me from the dark forest back on the Path.  Where I faced shifts in consciousness, the very redemption of the shattered Eden of the noosphere of a confused populace.  Such would eventually become the foundation of the definitions for Shadow and the Brightlands, to describe the roadways and landscapes of the Mythica.

Honeslty, I can’t remember the number of times I wanted to give up.  Where I practically begged God to kill me and release me from the torment of being human.  Yet the Mission was clear, I was here for a Purpose.  And besides, as I came to realize – the only way out is through.

And so, after years of travel, documenting the very nature of reality itself, mapping the planes of our manifestation as I was designed to do, the Mythica opens her gates, to present a better Story, one of redeemed media, framing the context of our heroic journeys so that we may all move from madness back to majesty, do the Work, and step into our birthright of Heaven on Earth.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. You’re story is a grace upon this planet. I am greatful for the role you carry fiercely, carving out the roads back to heaven on earth. Greatful also that the Mythica is blossoming.

    Peter is a rare breed of gods champions, and has real attainment.

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