Loving Comics – part I

I love comic books.  I have since I was a childe.  They were a touchstone of reality for me in a World of the unreal.  I know that may seem strange, but for me, the powers, the ethics, the heroism of things was far more real to me than the distortions and confusions of the mainstream consciousness of the planet.  Superheroes I could relate to, papers and paychecks I could not.

I remember wanting to write comic books.  I would spend endless hours reading and re-reading the tomes that sat in plastic bags, organized by alphabet, by title, by sheer Love of the genre.  Weekly, I would go to the comic store for what I considered a tithe, a sacred offering to the Goddess of Story, replenishing my own Gifts with the prana (the yogic word for life-force) contained within the texts.

It’s a funny thing to write about, because I have actual superpowers, which in the real world equates to a kind of enlightened yogic awareness, a range of perception far beyond that of most people.  Magick.  It was the Gift of that awareness that led me to study spellcraft at the Academy of the Ancient Arts, and eventually, build the mapwork of our sacred Stories, the threadlines of our dharma (the yogic word for Life Purpose, from my vantage), that is ‘Into the Mythica’.  As an added honourific, I created the Mythica Comic series, to honour the other avatars I encountered on my journey, all beings who, like myself, were embodying and discovering that they too possessed real powers, real magick, real awareness as ambassadors of the emergent paradigm of humanity.

From my point-of-view, many beings do not realize what is actually going on in the comic books.  They do not see the subtle energies that underlie the four-colour Worlds, the threads of siddhic virtue (the yogic superpowers that lay within the potential of the human condition) that were passed down, from hieroglyph to magazine, and now to the Mythica herself, through the comics.  It makes sense as (from my vantage) humanity is only starting to Awaken to her deeper potential.  Ideas, coming from Divine Source, are only recently coming to fruition in the minds of the People.

Recently, I gathered a few titles that i’ve loved.  While I used to read all the superhero titles, delving as well into the classic 2000 A.D., Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog (a personal favourite), what got downloaded to my iPad were titles like ‘Planetary’, ‘Fables’, ‘Mage – The Hero Discovered’, ‘Swamp Thing (the Allan Moore run),  ‘Kingdom Come’, ‘Watchmen’, and, of course, ‘Promethea’.

Why I love these titles would be a book in and of itself, one that I will definitely write in the coming tomorrows.  They all have a deeper significance to them, these titles, as they relate more to the Worlds of myth and legend, of archetypical  Truth and embodied virtue.  Most importantly, especially in the case of Promethea, they use the comic book medium in a more exalted fashion – they teach the REAL World of magick.  They teach us REAL ethics, in a World gone mad.  In a place of newspapers and propaganda that spreads the dim light of an unenlightened populace, comic books are a beacon of hope for a greater World.


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