Brothers in Light

One of the earliest and most ardent allies I have had on the Quest is my star-borne brother, James Vogel, one of the members of the Fairytale Brigade, back in New Yorke, and a witness to the beginning of the Quest to journey deeper into the Mythica.

Like all Characters in the Mythica, James and I share a vibrational imprint.  In our case, it is the ability to build Worlds.  It’s also beautifully significant that he is the first picture in the Mythica archives, when I started the documentation of the Quest so many years ago in New Yorke.  As I write this article, it’s 2017, and we are just getting into the dynamic of building the Mythica Comics.  Such is a proof of the Atlas of Stories, which links all of us sacred purposes together.

It was in 2002 that I told James of my Quest, to venture out into the unknown territories beyond New Yorke, to find the magick and return with the Gift of that Knowing.  Such was a crossroads, in which he would go deeply into the embodiment of Art in the City, bringing the Gift of his Light through the trenches and trials of Broadway and beyond, to establish himself as a Maker of the finest order, while I would make my way into the Green, into the fields of Faerie and the very axis of All Worlds.  We would reunite, in the springtime of 2012, when I returned to the city to honour the passing of my younger brother, Tyler.  Here, our alliance would be rekindled, sparking an invocation to bring him out to the Faerie realms, in the Western shores of the Americas, and the first of our blossoming endeavor to bring the magick, the real magick, to the People of the Commonwealth.

Like myself, James occurs for me as an embodiment of the essence of Light, of painting and sculpture, form and function.  Even during my nascent magicks in the city I could see that he and I represented different octaves of the same thing, the wielding of Light, of Form, in the manifestation of a better reality.  And while he would create Worlds for the People in the urban labyrinth of the city, I would shape the roadways of the Worlds beneath the Worlds, each constructing a piece of what I saw as a rainbow bridge between the various realms of the Axis Mundi, the Tree that links all the Worlds.

In mid-2012 I would be led to a temple of Story, in it’s current incarnation as a ‘Barnes & Noble’, to encounter another member of the fairytale brigade, the Lady Taralee (a.k.a. Veronica Varlow), witnessing the convergence of our sacred pantheon of Story, if only for a moment.  Soon after, I would fly James out, to the City of Portals, where we began the process that would lead to the creation of Mythica Comics.    As with all close relations in the incarnate plane, some of the greatest lessons in my Story came in the reflection with my deep brother.  During ‘Shadows in the Green’ I faced the vibrational distortion of family, and in ‘The Realms of Yin’ finally made my way into the realms of the Divine Mother, traveling the realms with James and sharing the Gifts we had attained during our long journeys.

We would move across the realmscape of the City of Dreams during ‘Deva by Design’, and separate, for a time, only to come together once more, in 2017, for the next iteration of the Mythica project.


Appearances on the Journey Home

2002 – Leaving Yorke


The Faerytale Brigade


2012 – Brave New World


Return of the Faerytale Brigade

The Divine Mother

Shadows in the Green

Share the Magick!


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