Reflections – Findhorn and the Garden of the Self

In 2009, during the ‘Faerie Roads’ episode of 2009 – ‘Faerie Roads‘ on the Journey Home, I and my traveing companions Noah McLain and Patience Yanderling made our way to the Scotland eco-village known as Findhorn, a place that was founded on relationship with the deva/faeries, becoming a beacon of the emergent World of our reunification with the spirits of the Land in the process.

Here, as traveling bards, we offered Music, Story and Healing, and in return were granted sanctuary and refuge in their good graces.  As part of our stay, I offered to perform some duties helping to clear and cleanse the Land.  As such, Spirit led me out into the fields, away from the human population of the place.  I could feel a throbbing, like a wound, in the weave of light that pulsed through the Earth.  Following it, I was led to a series of rusted bits of metal, strewn about the landscape, disrupting the flow of prana (life-force) moving across the surface.  Here, I received a vision, from the deva-faeries of the space, asking me to remove the metal.

As I worked, I considered the nature of Findhorn.  How the place had been built with a garden, where the stewards of the Land accomplished amazing, world-acclaimed success with their plants through communication with the deva.  Such was a model to me of how the World entire could be serviced by opening up it’s awareness to that which was larger than their individual Selves, how we could all step closer into Heaven on Earth by recognizing that we were not the only intelligent species on the planet.  I considered how I, as an ambassador of the deva, could further facilitate this transition, far beyond the mere removal of metal from the sacred Land.  As has always been the goal of the Mythica, I thought, how can I show the People that they are more magickal than they knew? That they were the very creatures of myth and legend that they read about in books? How did this relate to the Land?

It was then the faeries laughed, and showed me a vision.  That while many beings worked to till the soil and the gardens of the Land, they often missed the obvious fact, that they themselves, their mortal bodies, were made of the Land, made of the very elemental intelligences with which they sought to commune.  In that bright moment, the deva showed me the Truth – that are MADE of Deva, that we are Deva, forgotten onto ourselves in the illusion of separation.  That the Age of humanity in it’s distortion is but a passing tone in a much larger unfoldment, in which the individual ‘Me’ was destined to evolve into the more inclusive ‘We’, as we at last Remembered our relationship with the very Land of which we were made.

It was in this great revelation that I saw the Truth of an assertion I have been making in the Mythica for years, that we are the Fae.  We are the mermaids, we are the satyr’s, the centaurs, the Goddesses and Gods, existing in the multitude of vibrations that make up the human canvas.  That what things seem to be on the Surface of our awareness is but that, the shallows of perception, while what we are, the very substance of which we are constructed, is the shape and function of mythology itself, seen dimly through the shallow viewpoint of a confused humanity in her blossoming awareness.  And while not all beings were, in their current incarnation, embodiments of that magickal Truth, not all defined in the form and function of such mythos,  it remains, a subtle potential hidden within us all, waiting to be unearthed in the fullness of time and personal evolution.  We are the magick, though we often do not remember.

Such became the basis for the understanding that if we wish to come to Heaven on Earth, we must make peace with the Land.  We must realign ourselves with the SOURCE of our nourishment, of our very Selves, which are the Deva, the elemental spirits of the Mother.  I came to see that the distortions that so plagued humanity were a result of this misalignment, and only by returning to the place of our true essence could we regain the pristinity and Grace that was our birthright.  We are the Land, and the Land is us.  There is no separation, only the distortion created by an unnatural lifestyle.  If we want to become more magickal, if we wish to step deeper into the Mythica, we must till the soil of our most sacred Garden, the Garden of the Self, finding our resonance with that which is greater than our limited perspective, the Deva of which we are made.

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