Form follows function

Form follows function. Man, I could write volumes on this.  Such is one of the deep Truths I’d discovered during the Journey Home.  That every one of our mortal forms is designed a certain way, to fulfill a particular intricacy, a unique service to the rest of the Creation, bestowed with Gifts that exist simply though the embodiment of our Self in the Incarnate plane.

Such was a thing I had to learn, to come to understand, to face the reality of my own uniqueness.  My own iconoclasm in the Worlds.  Truth told, I actually didn’t realize that I was different for a long time.  There are depths of ignorance and naiveté that transcend the very definitions of what has, in the past few millennia, been considered ‘human standard’.  Simply put, like most of the people of this plane, I didn’t Realize.

Don’t get me wrong.  There were definitely signs.  The magick.  The psychic facility.  The savant nature of what I was connected to in sharp contrast to the blistering unknowing of the most basic of human qualities.  Needless to say (though I’ll say it anyway), it was incredibly, incredibly difficult.  My life’s been an ongoing revelation of the phrase ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’.  I just didn’t feel like I belonged here, and with good reason.  Everything about this place was alien to me.  The ways in which people operated, what humans called ‘civilization’ at this time, all a circus of chaos and confusion, in which I seemed to have no foothold at all.

Yet form follows function.  Over time, I came to realize I was designed that was, by an intelligence far greater than I could see at the time.  That I was built to fulfill a very particular function, to witness and was the pathway back to Heaven on Earth.  As the journey progressed, I saw, more and more clearly, that everything in my Path, the most intrinsic blueprint of why I was the way I was, all part of a much deeper orchestration.  One that required the incarnation of an avatar of my unique timbre.  It was here I came to see that each and every one of us shares this, all unique, yet all designed to fulfill something, every aspect of our form meant to fulfill a function that is larger than the individual Self.

Likewise, every experience in our lives is part of something larger.  The ‘form’ of our experience serving a particular function.  One that inevitably, intrinsically, relates to something much, much larger than our small horizon.

Take the Mythica, for example.  Were I not built the way I am, if I did not have the uniqueness, the savant nature of my perspective, if I had not suffered or gone through the dimensions of madness back to majesty that are the hallmark of the human experience of Realization, the Mythica would not have been built.  If, for example, I had not been a tabula rasa, unknowing of the vibrational patterns that define the various Ages of mortal incarnation, if I were bound to the sanskara of many lifetimes of form, I could not have seen, nor devised a way to illuminate the Physics of the Quest.  Form follows function, and my function is to build the Mythica for the People.

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