Lady Story

“Across the pages, turn in space,
feel yourself once more in Grace
no longer lost your meaning found
all a tale of high renown”

Story is my Beloved.  She will always be my first Love.  My first stop on the road to Divine surrender.  It is to Story that I have devoted my Life, to the revelation of the hidden tale that lay within our sacred Heart, to the great epic of humanities Awakening.  She lay at the very centre of the Mythica, the pulsing backbeat of intricate significance that grants meaning to the synchrony of our lives.  She has always been there for me, the song between my letters, the space between the lines.  My first and most unquestioned relationship with Divinity itself.

 When I was a childe, frightened and confused, She held me.  Teaching me, preparing me.  Reminding me of what was real in a world of false promises.  Showing me the Paths beneath the shifting tides, to what was Real, what was True, the Immortal World beneath the sands of a flickering mirage.  She has been my Guide, my Guardian, the source of my powers of tale and telling.  It is through my devotion to Story that the Mythica was born.

 She has many names.  All Muses do.  They are things of essence, the firmament beneath substance, and as such, are not bound by the conventions of mortal rigidity.  I have called Her Calliope, Lady Story, the Grace, and more. She is the substance that binds things together, the glue of Meaning which defines our sacred adventure.

To be in devotion to Story is to have passage to access.  To the siddhi of Story and the magick of that relationship.  Such is the proof I have witnessed, that as I went further on the Quest, as I continued to deepen into that devotion to Story, so did my powers of Story, Song and Dance increase, drawing from that opened passage to the deva of that essence.

It is a thing that has defined the core of my magicks, the gravity of being a shape which gives rise to such an honourific as the Mythica.  To witness the Story beneath the stories, that which reminds us and embodies us to our deeper octave of being, such is my bright offering in that sacred compact with the Lady.

Such is the timbre that gives rise to my myth.  The entry into the Narrative of God’s unfoldment which grants the vantage necessary to build the Mythica.  It has been my greatest honour to be a Paladin of Story, to be in wielding with the bardic and the bold across the territories of the Journey Home, and while it has been both challenging and extreme, such is the nature of all real Quests, and I stand firmly in the bosom of Wonder.



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