2017-5-21 – Mermaids, Maidens, and Kings


The Journey through the Mythica is an adventure in vibration. Where everything that happens is revealed to be part of a larger circumstance, part of a grander choreography than we are able to perceive. In this example from the Quest, the intention is to show that all of our circumstance is part of this larger thing. That everything happens for a reason, though we may not realize it in the moment. This is the physics of the quest, and a proof of the rules of the road, which are designed to help us remember that God is Good, despite what things seem to be in the moment.

Who we meet on the Quest is always significant, for we are aligned in the deeper aspects of the Subtle World.

Joshua Faust, one of the Author’s of the Mythica, appearing in the field is significant, for it is in our shared luminance that the foundations of the Mythica are being wrought.  As I moved through Shadow, it was his Mythic Mirroring technique that helped me through the night.  Greatly appreciated, as we are all walking each other Home.  Similar, Kundra Rose, another Author of the Mythica, is an ally that has been part of the journey since 2014, who I came to Bali with while serving the bright cause of the Mythica.  Aude-Olivia Dufour occurs for me as an avatar of the redemption of Love, who work can be seen here.

Oliver, along with his sacred partner Christian Huntley, are deep avatars of the embodiment of the Twin Flame, offering ways for beings to change their vibration, and step into the manifestation of one’s deepest longing.  Like so many of the avatars of the Mythica, their work is integral to the embodiment of Heaven on Earth.  Oliver’s work can be found here.



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