2017-4-23 – Meeting Natalie

(This post is an expansion from the instagram journey deeper into the Mythica)

[mepr-s3-video src=”mythicavideos/2017-4-23-NatalieSpeaks.mp4″ image=”https://peterfae.intothemythica.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/250/2017/10/2017-4-23-nataliespeaks.jpg”] 2017-4-23
A moment from the Mythica. I am led to connect with Natalie, a beautiful and passionate seeker on the Quest. Here, I am led to offer healing and clarification, helping her to See the energetics of her own boundaries, of the right use of sexual/creative energy, and the recognition of her own sovereignty. As we do this, I receive an inspiration to place Heaven, my hang drum (handpan) on her legs, and play, sending vibrations of clarity and healing, facilitated by awareness, through her form. It is a beautiful, expansive alchemy that serves everyone involved.

Soon after, Kundra Rose appears, my deep ally in the Mythica. As it turns out, she and Natalie has spent much time the night before in intense ritual.

Now, why did this happen? Why was I led to interact with her, * without * knowing she had interacted with Kundra beforehand? This is the physics of the Quest. The proof of God’s unfoldment, that Natalie was LED, by forces larger than our Selves, to interface with the embodied tantra of both Kundra and my Self on her sacred Quest. Such is the nature of synchronicity, the demonstration of the Atlas of Stories and the benevolent Universe in which we are supported and Loved.

Even more, it is a showing of the sacred Purpose of both Kundra and I, which is to facilitate a new iteration of the classic tantras, the yogas of connection with our divine sensuality and inner power.  As with all aspects of our individual journey, the Gift that is built into our form reveals itself over time, unwrapped through the circumstances of our lives.  To learn more about how You can learn to embrace your own Divine essence, visit the Academy of Myth.


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