Meetings at Pachamama

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Thursday, April 5th, 2017

During last night’s episode of the Journey Home, I encounter a number of avatars in their current form, sitting around a table.  Such is a beautiful confluence, proving the Atlas of Story, the Physics of the Quest, the Law of Reflection, and other prime principles of the Mythica.  As always, the photos on the Journey Home are not set up, but rather through the art of witnessing, documenting the grand unfoldment of God’s plan through the map of synchronicity and circumstance … a bright promise that involves each and every one of us whether we Know it or not.

Such is the beauty of the Mythica, to showcase the real magickal World and the revelation of our Divine aspects coming to Awaken. It is in such a context that I encounter this group of fine beings, assembled to receive the emanation of one another, a reminder that we are all connected, all part of the reclamation of Heaven on Earth.

Who arrives in our Path is always significant, illustrating the vibrational
resonance that we share, revealing the Gifts that each being brings to the table.  As we sit in the Pacha Mama restaurant, the triad of my Self, Justin Stearman and Jonathan Fritzler are joined by Noelani Love and Shana Trevenna, arriving in perfect unplanned synchronicity.  On the timeline of the adventure, Justin has already arrived multiple times, first at a place caleld ‘Kismet’, then ‘Akasha’, and now at ‘Pacha Mama’.  As the publisher of Yoga Guide magazine, we share the imprint of new media.  In the context of the heroic journey and the mapwork of the Mythica, the names are not insignificant, but rather the reflections on the Surface plane of the realms through which we move.

As we sit at the table, the resonance of Hawai’i, of the Mother Isles, is thick in the air.  Many of the harbingers of the new World have been led to the sacred Aina of Hawai’i, and such is no surprise, to meet here, in Ubud, during the gathering of consciousness that calls itself Newearth.  It is revealed that we share projects to transform the planet, to offer a new octave of publication and collaboration to the Worlds.  In the example above, I show both how things appear on the Surface of awareness, and how they visualized for me in the vibrational tones that are the more True and robust version of our reality, in which the glyphs of Water & Sound, of Divination, of Media and Abundance flowed through the current forms of these avatars, each destined to play a crucial part in the unfoldment of God’s Plan.


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